Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 36

What depressed Catherine the most was that she did not even have the strength to take off her pants. Ultimately, she needed Shaun’s help.

By the time she got back onto bed, she was so embarrassed that she snuggled under the blanket.

Deep down, Shaun found it amusing. He was even wondering if she had been feigning shamelessness when she flirted with him back then.

An hour later, Shaun found a caregiver for Catherine.

However, Catherine had fallen asleep by then. He had a lawsuit to dispute the next morning, and he had not prepared the documents yet. Therefore, he gave orders to the caregiver and subsequently left.

When Catherine woke up in the middle of the night, she found a gentle-looking woman who looked to be about 40 years old on the edge of the couch.

Upon noticing some activity, the woman woke up and explained, “I’m the caregiver Mr. Hill has hired to take care of you.”

“Oh.” Catherine was momentarily stunned.

She had previously asked him to get her a caregiver, and he actually did it. For some reason, she felt a twinge of disappointment deep down.

After all, he was the partner stated on her marriage certificate. He could have stayed back and accompanied her.

Nevertheless, she got over it in no time. The two of them were actually not bound by the marriage contract, and moreover, he was not in love with her.

The fact that he sent her to the hospital and even fed her was good enough.

The caregiver, who had a similar experience, noticed that she was remaining quiet. Then, she said with a laugh, “Mr. Hill is very concerned about you. He stayed until 11 o’clock at night. He even ordered me not to fall asleep as you’d be awake during the night. Also, he hired the head chef from the hospital to prepare three meals for you and to ensure the dishes are nutritious and clean.”

Catherine blinked her eyes, feeling as if she had not woken up from her dream. The way the caregiver described Shaun was totally different from how he typically acted.

The caregiver added, “I’ve seen all kinds of family members in the hospital. Mr. Hill is hard on the outside but soft on the inside.”

Catherine spaced out a little. Recalling the way Shaun had showed up and saved her last night, she honestly felt that he was rather gentle.


When Catherine returned from a check-up, there were two other people in the ward, namely Shaun and Henry.

It was not clear what had happened to Henry that caused him to be badly bruised. He kneeled the minute he saw Catherine.

“Sorry, Miss Jones. I was money-minded. Rebecca paid me 500,000 dollars to steal your design. It was my fault. Forgive me, please. I beg you.”

He was trembling with fear on the ground. Conversely, Catherine was also trembling with rage.

She would have punched him violently if she had the energy to do so.

“Why should I forgive you? Do you know what you’ve ruined? You ruined my reputation and dignity as a designer. A scumbag like you isn’t qualified to be a designer at all.”

“Yes, I’m not qualified,” Without raising his head, he anxiously said, “That’s why I can’t design anymore.”

Catherine was stunned. Only then did she realize that both his hands were hanging downward and his wrists were bandaged. “Your hands…”

Shaun slowly got up and raised his eyebrows with indifference. “Since he has decided to be a thief rather than a designer, he shall never design again.”

Henry shuddered while crawling on the ground.

Catherine had no idea what he experienced last night. Henry was a conceited, arrogant person. It must have been Shaun who made him end up in such circumstances.

She was not sympathetic toward Henry. After all, he had not considered her situation when he did that kind of stuff.

“Well, you got what you deserve. Hopefully, you’ll turn into a better person.”

“Alright. I’ll certainly not do it again. I’ll get out of Melbourne and never appear in front of you guys,” Henry said with a shudder.

“Get lost,” Shaun sneered.

Once Henry left, Shaun tossed a new phone into Catherine’s hand.

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