Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 37

She lifted the phone to take a look. There was a recording inside which recorded what Henry had said just now.

“It’s up to you to handle the recording in the phone I’m giving you.” Shaun shot a glance at her. “Curb your temper next time. You lost in the bidding only because you didn’t take care of your design. Treat this as a lesson. You need to be wary of everyone in the workplace.”

Catherine looked at him with a dazed yet complicated expression.

She had assumed that Rebecca won the bidding because Shaun and President Sawyer pulled some strings. At this moment, she was a little puzzled, not knowing why he would help her.

Was it Rebecca who made false statements and lied to her?

“Why are you spacing out again?” Shaun was dissatisfied. At that moment, she was supposed to feel extremely grateful to him.

“I’m just… Nothing. Anyway, thank you so much,” Catherine said sincerely.

“You should really thank me, but it’s meaningless to thank me verbally like this,” Shaun mocked.

“I’ll make you roast pork once I recover. You can’t eat it every day, though. Otherwise, you’ll have fatty liver disease…”

“Who said I like roast pork? I was willing to eat it only because that was the least unappetizing dish you prepared among many other dishes,” Shaun interrupted out of annoyance.

Catherine had enough. This man enjoyed eating meat that tasted sweet. Was he not afraid of losing his dignity?

Catherine tried to stifle the urge to giggle. Despite being baffled by his refusal to be frank, she nodded in acknowledgment.

“Yes. It’s my fault, and I’ve reflected on myself. By the way, how much is the phone? Also the caregiver and the hospital charges. Let me pay you back.”

She sounded diffident toward the end of her sentence. With only a few thousand dollars altogether, she might not be able to pay him back.

“No need. I’ll treat those fees as your pay for being Fudge’s sitter.”


“I’m not desperate for that miserable amount of money,” Shaun interjected. “I’m going to the office now. I’ll ask the caregiver to assist you with the discharge process tomorrow. Get home early to take care of Fudge.”

“Okay, I will.”

11:00 a.m.

Freya came over in a hurry.

At the sight of Catherine, anger welled up inside Freya.

“Are we still friends? You didn’t even inform me about this serious matter. If it weren’t for me asking for Young Master Harrison’s contact number, I wouldn’t have found out that you’re in the hospital.”

“I dropped my phone, and I haven’t gotten my SIM card replaced.”

Freya’s face revealed concern when she clutched Catherine’s hand. “What actually went on last night? Did you really become an undercover agent for the police?”

Catherine immediately figured it out. Apparently, the police had made an official announcement. “What’s being circulating around at the moment?”

Freya averted her eyes which were sparkling. “Some people believe it, while some don’t.”

“That’s normal. Many people have long since been waiting for my embarrassing moments.”

Having experienced the worst, Catherine was composed. She just briefly told Freya what had happened during the bidding event yesterday.

Freya was so furious that she exclaimed, “Ethan’s such a b*stard. That’s very scummy of him. Is he even a human? He treated you so well back then, and now he has completely changed. How did Rebecca bewitch him into beating you?”

“Perhaps he wasn’t really in love with me back then. He only loves the pampered young lady from the wealthy Jones family. To him, it doesn’t matter who she is.” Catherine shrugged mockingly.

“Don’t be mad. The news that I read this morning reported that the person in charge of Melbourne Culture and Technology Center was frequently involved in bribery, so he’s currently being suspended and investigated. Yesterday’s bidding event is also affected. Based on the comments online, many reckon that Summit gave President Sawyer some benefits in private which contributed to the outcome of the event last night.”

Catherine was dumbfounded. “How is that possible?”

“Why would I lie to you? Let me show you the news.”

Freya swiftly turned on her phone and searched for the website to show Catherine.

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