Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 38

Catherine was absolutely astounded. She felt that something was strange about the coincidence.

“What goes around comes around,” Freya said in great delight, “You see, many large design companies took part in the bidding yesterday, and they spent a long time getting a great deal of manpower and material resources in preparation for the event. All their efforts have ended up as futile now. I guess the center has offended someone.”

Catherine believed so after thinking it over. Anyway, it came as great news to her that Rebecca’s efforts proved futile. It served her right.

Summit Building Design Group.

Jeffrey was so furious that he hurled the ashtray straight away.

It was the first time Rebecca saw Jeffrey flying into a rage. Cowering at one side, she dared not move in the slightest.

The top management of the company had celebrated the success of her bidding at a feast last night, and today she came to work complacently. Little did she know that President Sawyer had been arrested.

What should she do if President Sawyer’s involvement in bribery was exposed?

“Mom…” Rebecca gave Sally an anxious gaze.

Sally patted her on the shoulder and comforted her. “Don’t worry. Considering your dad’s status over the years, he’ll manage to settle it.”

“Even if I can settle it, Summit’s reputation will be largely affected,” Jeffrey replied angrily.

Sally glared at Jeffrey. “This isn’t Rebecca’s doing. She has done her best. Anyone from the company who were to get involved in it would’ve encountered this kind of situation. In fact, someone planned on tricking President Sawyer.”

“I don’t mean to blame her…”

As soon as Jeffrey finished his sentence, the general manager suddenly rushed in and said, “Mr. Jones, regarding the deal on Chelsea Sports Stadium development project, the organizer just called to inform us that they’re not going to work with us. Also, Holmes International Hotel said that they won’t consider working with us.”

Jeffrey felt dizzy while in a fit of fury. These were the two huge projects Summit had been aiming for over the past two years, and he had almost secured them.

The general manager then added, “Besides that, our company has applied to visit the world expo exhibition in Country S earlier, but they’ve now rejected us outright. Mr. Jones, did our company offend anyone? Clearly, someone’s aiming at Summit behind our back.”

Jeffrey began to totter. He was the one who had led Summit to the significant international path, yet everything was now in vain. “I’ve always acted cautiously in this industry over the decades. I’ve never offended anyone.”

“Could it be… Cathy?” Rebecca spoke hesitantly.

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to bad-mouth her. It wasn’t a big issue when Catherine dragged me out of Grapefruit Restaurant back then. However, Janet and Cindy were very pissed at that time. They said that they were going to do something about it… Janet is the Campbell family’s sweetheart, and moreover, I heard Cindy is associated with the wealthy.”

“It surely has to do with Catherine. What a menace!” Sally roared. “Casting aside the incident that happened in the restaurant, I can tell that she’s usually very unreasonable.”

“Ask her to come back.” Jeffrey’s expression turned somber.

“Mr. Jones, there’s one thing you’re probably unaware of…” The general manager hesitated before he spoke, “A live video on some platform displayed a few shameful scenes last night, and Second Young Lady happened to be the female character. However, the video was stopped when the police barged in and arrested those people. After the incident, the police removed all those videos that were circulated online and announced that Second Young Lady was an undercover agent for the police…”

Rebecca exclaimed, “That was dangerous! She isn’t even a police officer, so how did she become an undercover agent?”

Sally gritted her teeth. “What undercover agent? It’s very likely that she pretended to be one after she got into trouble. It must be the police who saved her. What a shame.”

The general manager said, “Yes. That’s what has been spreading in the entertainment industry. It’s being widely discussed that Second Young Lady’s personal life is messy. Her reputation has been heavily tarnished.”

“What an evil creature. Because of her, the Jones family’s reputation has been ruined.” Fuming with anger, Jeffrey took the vase on the table and flung it. “Find a way to bring her back. I don’t want her to stay outside and continue being a disgrace to the family.”

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