Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 39


Catherine was discharged from the hospital after two days.

Shaun personally drove to the hospital to pick her up. Aware of the extraordinary treatment she was receiving, Catherine felt flattered.

After driving a good distance, he did not return to Jadeite Bay. He arrived at the car park of a large mall instead.

With a carefree expression, Shaun said, “Fudge was very picky and had a poor appetite when you weren’t around to cook for her the last few days. Buy more ingredients and prepare something great for her.”


Gazing at his elegant face, Catherine seriously wondered whether it was Fudge or him who was picky about food.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up.”

He was fed up with the unappetizing dishes Hadley brought for him over the past two days.

“Oh.” Catherine undid the seatbelt and got out of the car. Since he had done her a favor this time, she planned on preparing a good meal for him as a token of her appreciation.

As she walked into the mall, over ten dishes and recipes for Fudge flashed across her mind.

There were quite a lot of ingredients she needed to buy. She also intended to get some yogurt, fresh milk, fruit, and junk food.

After one round of shopping, she realized that the cart was already full. It was definitely going to be a struggle for her to carry so many things.

After some thought, she sent Shaun a WhatsApp message. [Shaunny, I’m buying a lot of stuff, and I don’t think I can carry everything. Can you help me carry a few bags?]

After sending the message, she did not hear from him for as long as five minutes.

She sighed and stopped having high expectations of him.

Shaun simply could not be associated with the term ‘thoughtful’.

Amid her thoughts, someone suddenly cast a shadow over her. When she lifted her head, Shaun’s tall and upright figure appeared in front of her. The windbreaker he was wearing had been removed. At the moment, he was only dressed in a creamy white top which made him give off an aura of coolness and elegance.

Catherine became absent-minded as she stared at him. This man looked perfect from all angles. Regardless of the clothes he wore, he seemed to have the exquisite looks that were typically featured on posters.

The woman showed a blank stare which Shaun had gotten used to since young. Surprisingly, he was not disgusted by her stare. In contrast, he was in a good mood. “I just wanted you to buy some ingredients, but you ended up buying so much.”

Reminded of his frugality and low-key lifestyle, Catherine quickly explained, “I was thinking that you and Fudge haven’t been able to eat any proper meals the past few days, so I’m buying more…”

Shaun lifted his hand and interrupted her with a frown, “I ate well. It was Fudge who didn’t eat well. Don’t drag me into it. I’m not picky about food.”

Catherine was at a loss for words.

‘Are you sure?

‘Could you please stop staring at the ingredients and hide your hungry gaze?’

“Yeah, Fudge didn’t eat well.”

To save him from losing his dignity, Catherine nodded and explained thoughtfully, “The things I’m buying are all necessities. You need to eat yogurt, fresh milk, and fruits every day so that your body receives enough nutrition. You might look healthy now, but you work hard every day and even drink for business at times. Therefore, you have to take care of your body and eat a balanced diet when you’re home.”

Shaun was momentarily stunned upon hearing that. His eyes revealed conflicting emotions.

Before this, hardly anyone was concerned about his diet. What other people mostly cared about was his ability to bring benefits to the Hill family and whether he had fulfilled the Hill family’s needs.

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