Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 40

Catherine then added, “I need these spices in my cooking. Also, I bought some noodles so that I can cook for you when you return late from work. We’re running out of toilet paper and rags as well.”

At that instant, Shaun was under the delusion that this woman was his wife, given that she took great care of everything in the house.

“By the way…” Pointing to the tissue paper box, Catherine continued, “…this will be placed in your car. This way, you won’t always have to use the tissue paper provided at the gas station. This kind of soft tissue paper is quite economical.”

“Since when do I use the tissue paper provided at the gas station?”

“It’s in your car. It’s still there.” Afraid that he was concerned about saving his dignity, Catherine feigned admiration. “It doesn’t matter. I simply like your capable yet frugal personality. This is the first time I met a man who’s living his best life. You’re a model of a perfect man. How charming.”

Overwhelmed with the sudden compliments, Shaun lowered his head. The way she looked up and stared at him with bright eyes reminded him of the first time they met.

Compared to her dull expression two days ago, her shameless look right now made him feel better.

“You shouldn’t be working as a designer. You should be a brown noser.”

Catherine giggled. “I just want to be your brown noser.”

“Go and pay the bill now.”

As Shaun turned around and walked forward, Catherine did not catch sight of his curled lips.

An enthusiastic salesperson who was promoting some brand hurried to the check-out counter and stopped the two of them.

“Hello, sir and madam. Do you guys want to buy Durex? We’re having a promotion recently where you buy one and get one for free. It’s really economical.”

Catherine blushed at the sight of the little box in the salesperson’s hand.

“No… No need. We don’t need it.”

“Ohhh. Both of you are newlyweds, so are you guys planning to have a child?” the salesperson asked knowingly.

“Uh-huh.” Afraid that the salesperson would continue to pester her, Catherine muttered something and subsequently dragged Shaun forward.

“Do we intend to have a child?” Shaun gave her a long, profound sideways glance.

“I was just lying to her. Are you actually planning to use it?” Catherine asked casually.

“Stop dreaming. Even if I were to use it, I won’t use it with you.” Despite his cruel words, Catherine’s flirtatious look crossed his mind.

He gnashed his teeth. Damn, why would such a silly thought cross his mind?

Catherine chuckled. Pooh, she made it seem as if she was eager to use it with him.

What a cold fish. She would not be trying so hard to please him if not for her plan to become Ethan’s aunt and take revenge on the scummy couple.

After they left the mall, Shaun drove back to Jadeite Bay.

Having made four dishes as well as a soup, Catherine initially thought that she had prepared too much food. Once Shaun began eating though, she thought he seemed to have starved for two days.

The food was all finished in no time.

After lunch, Shaun and Fudge lay on the couch lazily while having a rest. “What are you planning to do next? Continue searching for a job?”

“Let’s talk about that later. I’m going to have my SIM card replaced this afternoon.”

“Don’t worry about it. If you can’t get a job, just stay home and cook for me. You won’t be strapped for cash.” Shaun put on his windbreaker once he finished speaking.

Catherine was stunned for a moment. “Are you going to work now?”

“Yeah, I still have a lot of work to deal with.”

Once he left, Catherine glanced at the time which showed 1:00 p.m.

She actually sympathized with him as being a boss was not easy. He did not even have a set lunch break. He had probably taken time out of his busy schedule to pick her up earlie

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