Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 41

After Catherine had her SIM card replaced that afternoon, her phone displayed over ten missed calls.

Those calls were made by Freya, Jeffrey, Sally, and many other people.

Could it be that they were concerned about her after finding out what had happened the other day?

She could not help but feel a sense of anticipation deep down. Regardless of the reason, she still called Sally back.


“You’re finally calling me back.” Sally’s furious voice sounded. “How long more do you intend on staying outside? Come home right now.”

The phrase ‘come home’ made Catherine feel bitter deep down. “Is that still my home?”

“Catherine, if you still don’t come back now, don’t come back forever. You don’t have to acknowledge your dad and me anymore either.”

Sally hung up once she was done speaking.

After some hesitation, Catherine eventually decided to return home.

After all, Jeffrey and Sally were the ones who raised her. She also wanted to bring home the recording containing Henry’s words and let them hear it so that they would become aware of Rebecca’s true colors.

An hour later, she drove to the Jones family’s villa.

Although it had only been a little over a month since she last returned, she felt that the people living here had changed.

After parking her car, she entered the villa. Jeffrey, Sally, and Rebecca were all in the living room.

The moment Catherine caught sight of Rebecca’s expression, hatred flamed within her. “Dad, Mom, do you know that she stole my design, and she—”

“Cathy, I don’t mind you accusing me outside, but how dare you throw mud at me here?” A bitter smile spread across Rebecca’s face. “I already said I didn’t.”

Sally pulled a long face as well. “Why must you put your sister down every time you come back? Cut it out.”

“I have evidence.”

Catherine immediately took out her phone and played that recording.

As soon as Rebecca heard Henry’s voice, her expression changed slightly. However, she soon regained her composure and spoke in an aggrieved manner, “From where did you get this random person to record this? Who’s Henry? I don’t even know him.”

Catherine turned around and gazed at Jeffrey with slightly red eyes. “Dad, Rebecca transferred tens of thousands of dollars into Henry’s account which you can easily check. She grew up in a rural area and only learned to design after you acknowledged her. Considering that she only learned it for a short while, how could she have possibly produced such a brilliant design?”

“Dad and Mom, I really didn’t do it.” Tears streamed down Rebecca’s face.

Sally frowned and stretched out her hand. “Cathy, show me the recording.”

It had been a long while since Catherine heard Sally calling her by her pet name. Feeling slightly soft-hearted, Catherine handed the phone to her obediently.

Sally opened the recording file and deleted it straight away.

“Mom, you… Why?” Catherine was staggered at her behavior. As much as she wanted to snatch her phone back, it was too late.

Sally’s gaze revealed coldness once again. “I can’t let you ruin your sister’s reputation and future with this recording that could be fake. You’d better not go too far.”

Catherine was so frustrated that she shuddered.

At that instant, she gave a hollow laugh.

“Now I see it. Both of you don’t even care if the recording is real or not. All you care about is her. How can you be so cruel? I’m also your daughter.”

Jeffrey slapped the table and stood up. “If I had known earlier that you would turn out to be such a menace, I would’ve abandoned you back then. Look at the great stuff you’ve done. You lost your reputation by doing something shameful during a live video. Would any decent person want to marry you in the future? Secondly, who on earth did you offend that made Summit lose a few huge projects?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Catherine shook her head while sobbing. “As my parents, aren’t you worried about me since I had encountered such an incident?”

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