Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 66

That was actually possible.

Catherine’s glumness faded at such a thought.

Then, she changed into a long white dress before she went downstairs. Unexpectedly, she saw Shaun smoking.

He rarely smoked. Today was probably the first time she had seen him doing so.

Nevertheless, he looked handsome and charming when he smoked. Since she was in love with a man, anything he did would surely look great to her.

“Shaunny, is this dress okay?”

Catherine walked to him and pulled at his sleeve secretly.

Shaun cast a glance at her. This time, she was dressed conservatively with an elegant feel. She was sure to become a beautiful sight to behold tonight.

Suddenly, he regretted choosing to bring her out. He should have hidden her.

“Let’s go.” Shaun put out the cigarette in the ashtray and walked out first.

Holding her dress, Catherine walked relatively slowly. When Shaun turned his head around, his brows were furrowed. He walked to her and lifted her by the waist straight away.

She subconsciously put her hands around his neck, then stared at his exquisite chin. She was carried away by his attractive looks.

She blurted out, “You didn’t let me wear the aqua dress just now because you don’t want me to dress provocatively, right? Is it because you care about me?”

With that, there was an atmosphere of silence.

Shaun lowered his head. He stared at her with dark eyes and a discreet smile. “You’ve gone insane after drinking too much during the day, huh?”

Catherine bit her tongue. She had probably gone insane.

After they got downstairs, Shaun directly placed her in the backseat. With a sarcastic tone, he said, “Technically, you’re my wife, after all. I don’t want you to wear indecently and get mocked.”

Catherine’s face flushed. She did not feel like talking to him throughout their journey.

The car entered the Harrison family’s manor, which was teeming with guests. A row of luxurious cars was seen at the parking lot outside the manor.

Catherine was a little upset as she did not spot the Jones’ and Lowes’ cars. If Ethan was here, he would definitely be astonished to see her holding his uncle’s hand. Hehe.

She walked in with her hands wrapped around Shaun’s arms. Shaun turned his head and gave her a reminder, “Tonight, you can publicly claim that you’re my girlfriend.”

Catherine’s eyes sparkled. The next minute, however, Shaun became a wet blanket. “Don’t be overjoyed. I just don’t want Old Master Harrison to introduce me to a potential marriage partner.”

In this case… Was she just a shield?

Catherine was speechless. It was no wonder he would bring her here for the first time in his life.

“Fine. I’m willing to shelter you from all sorts of harm and support you regardless…”

Before she could finish her performance, a woman dressed in a champagne-colored gown walked toward Shaun in an elegant manner.

“Shaun, it’s been a long while since we last met.”

Catherine could not bring herself to continue with her act. The woman was the little princess of the Harrison family, Angela Harrison, who was also Chase’s younger sister. Catherine had seen her once from afar when she attended a dinner back then. From her expression that was filled with tender affection, Catherine thought that Angela could be her competitor.

“Shaun, how’s Mrs. Hill lately? It’s been a long time since I last saw her. I miss her so badly.”

“She’s fine,” Shaun answered laconically.

Angela then pouted. “Shaun, it’s absurd that you’ve been in Melbourne for such a long time, yet you didn’t come and see me. Do you still remember that you promised to watch my violin performance? You haven’t fulfilled the promise.”

With that, she stared at Shaun with indignation.

Catherine was gripped by envy. She was standing right there, but Angela seemed to consider her invisible.

“Cough, cough. Shaunny, can you introduce her to me? She’s…?”

Catherine clutched Shaun’s arm while showing a lady-like, affectionate look.

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