Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 67

Shaun smirked when he noticed how quickly Catherine got jealous. “Chase’s sister.”

“Who’s she? Why is she calling you in an intimate manner?” A bitter look crossed Angela’s face.

Curling her red lips, Catherine said, “Hi, Miss Harrison. I’m his girlfriend. You might not have seen me before, but you should’ve heard of my name. I’m Catherine Jones, the most beautiful woman among the elites in Melbourne.”

Shaun’s mouth twitched at her shameless remark.

Angela widened her eyes as she could not believe how shameless the woman was. She then mocked, “Hehe. Sorry, I haven’t heard about you being the most beautiful woman. However, I’ve heard about the foolish behavior of Catherine Jones from the Jones family in Melbourne recently. You lost to your sister, who came from a rural area, for the right to the Jones family’s inheritance, and you subsequently got kicked out of the family. I don’t believe that Shaun would want to have such a dumb*ss as his girlfriend.”

Catherine felt as if something had pierced through her heart. She was at a loss for words.

“Angie.” Shaun’s eyes darkened. “Behave yourself. She’s indeed my girlfriend.”

“How’s that possible?” Angela turned pale. “She doesn’t even match your noble status.”

Dissatisfied, Catherine replied, “Why don’t I match him? I’m pretty. When we stand together, we match each other well in appearance. Our future child is definitely going to look attractive.”

Angela’s mouth twitched in annoyance. She sarcastically said, “Please. You’ll lower the IQ of your descendants.”

Watching the two women arguing gave Shaun a headache. He then rubbed his forehead. “Okay, Angie. I’m going to send my wishes to your grandpa now. I’ll leave you to it.”

Once he finished speaking, he strode toward the main building with Catherine without waiting for Angela to respond.

Puffing out her cheeks, Catherine did not say a word throughout the walk there.

As she had been eating well and sleeping well recently, her cheeks were chubby again. She looked very cute.

Shaun could not help but stretch out his hands to pinch her cheeks. “Angie is still young, and she has been pampered since young. Don’t lower yourself to her level.”

Upon hearing that, Catherine became so sulky that she almost felt like vomiting blood. The situation would not have been worse if he had not commented further.

‘What does it mean? He’s trying to put in a good word for Angela, huh?’

She chuckled. “Don’t worry, I won’t lower myself to Angie’s level.”

Shaun raised his brow. “Does it mean that you’re not going to lower yourself to her level?”

“Since you’re so close with her, why didn’t you think of making her pretend to be your girlfriend? After all, you call her Angie. I’m just a sitter, someone who’s not even addressed as Cathy or Rin.”

Shaun replied, “…So it’s all because I called her Angie and don’t call you Cathy?”

“Of course not. Am I the petty sort?” Catherine faked a smile.

Shaun felt helpless. “Angela used to play with Chase and me at the back of the manor when we were young. I treat her as a little sister.”

Catherine was stunned. Was he trying to explain to her?

At that instant, they arrived at the main building.

Dressed in a suit, Old Master Harrison waved at Shaun energetically.

“Shaunny, you only came to meet me now although you’ve been in Melbourne for quite a long time now. How absurd! Are you holding me in contempt because I’m old?”

“Absolutely not. You’re looking younger than ever, Old Master Harrison.” Shaun handed him a birthday gift.

Old Master Harrison turned his gaze to Catherine whom Shaun then introduced. “This is my girlfriend.”

“Ah, you finally got yourself a partner. That’s sad. I initially planned to set you up with someone. There are many wonderful women in Melbourne.” Old Master Harrison handed a gift to Catherine. “Here’s a gift for you as we’re meeting for the first time, young lady. Shaunny has suffered a lot in his life. Please take care of him.”

Catherine was flattered. She was not sure whether to accept it. It would not seem good if she rejected it.

“Just accept it since it’s Old Master Harrison’s gesture for you.” Shaun nodded at her.

As soon as Catherine accepted the gift, Shaun patted her on the back. “Wait for me in the lobby.”

He was probably done taking advantage of her, so she nodded knowingly. When she went downstairs, she bumped into Angela again.

“Were you intentionally waiting for me here, Miss Harrison?”

Unsurprisingly, a smirk spread across Angela’s face.

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