Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 68

“Great. Now that you’re aware of it, I’m not going to beat around the bush.” Angela lifted her chin with an arrogant expression. “You’d better stay away from Shaun. He’s not someone you can afford to provoke.”

“What if I don’t stay away from him?” Catherine asked out of curiosity. “You’re interested in him, but he only treats you as a little sister.”

Angela remained impassive. “So what? For noble families like Shaun’s, they’re concerned about a well-matched marriage in terms of social status. To tell you the truth, you don’t even know him well. His family members won’t accept you because you don’t match him. Currently, he’s just having fun with you. His family is going to suck you dry.”

She scoffed in sarcasm and subsequently left in a proud manner.

Catherine was somehow upset by her words. Nevertheless, she did not really give it a thought. Anyway, a marriage certificate would be her biggest reliance at present.

After Catherine left the main building, she soon met up with Freya.

“Look, this is the alcohol I prepared. I’ll get someone to make him drunk later. If he’s not drunk, you have to adopt an aggressive tactic by making him eat this. Remember, this will take effect two hours after he consumes it.”

Freya stuffed the items into her hands.

Catherine felt terrible. “Will this cause any side effects?”

“Why are you still worried about the way I handle things? It definitely won’t affect his health.” It would simply make his body f*cking strong.

However, Freya just kept the last sentence to herself without uttering it.

“If he finds out about it, he’ll certainly be mad.” Catherine was intimidated.

“Why would he be mad? If I were a man who woke up to a beautiful lady lying beside me early in the morning, I’d surely feel at ease. Shaun is an ordinary man too.”

Catherine was swayed by her words.

Shortly afterward, Shaun returned.

Just as Shaun reached the entrance, a strange man kept pestering him. “Mr. Hill, your reputation precedes you. Actually, I’ve long since wanted to get to know you. Let me give you a toast.”

“Just drink it on your own. I’m not interested.” Having met people like him very often since young, Shaun steered clear of him and walked away.

“Ughhh, you’re not showing respect to me!”

“Beat it!” Shaun gave him a cold stare.

Shaun then bumped into a few people to whom he remained cruel. Freya sighed, watching the scene secretly.

“Damn. In terms of business, your husband is such an eccentric person who doesn’t show respect to others at all. He still hasn’t had one alcoholic drink up until now. How arrogant. People who don’t know him would assume that he comes from the most powerful Hill family in Australia.

Catherine felt the same as well. With his character, she wondered how he managed to support an international corporation.

By looks or by talent?

How she admired him.

“Well… you can only rely on yourself.” Freya encouraged Catherine and subsequently gave her a push.

Shaun soon caught sight of Catherine, who then approached him silently.

She was under the impression that Shaun would be busy mingling with others and talking business like anyone else. After all, they were attending a birthday banquet filled with the upper class where it was typical for people to expand their network. However, Shaun brought her to the back of the divider screen where they sat down and had coffee.

“Aren’t you going out to socialize? I see a few tycoons from the financial industry.” She tried persuading him to go out. She panicked as she could not do anything if he continued to stay here.

“I’m not interested.” Crossing his legs, Shaun sipped his coffee in a carefree manner. He was contemptuous of those tycoons who had just served as his assistants back then.

Catherine blinked her eyes. “Do you want me to pour some alcohol for you? The alcohol here seems to taste good.”

“If you want to drink it, go ahead. But you’ll walk home on your own if you get drunk and act crazy.”

After sitting down in silence, Catherine soon stood up again. “Let me get you some food, okay? You haven’t had anything tonight.”

“No need.” He was not interested in any other food apart from the food she cooked.

“No way. Food is fuel to humans. You have to eat something even if you don’t feel like doing it. What if you starve? It’s going to break my heart.” With that, Catherine went out to get some fruits and other food.

She secretly spiked the food. Once she returned, she placed the food in front of Shaun. Then, she brought a piece of seared lamb near his mouth.

As it was her first time doing such an evil deed, she felt uneasy. Her hands shivered especially when Shaun’s dark eyes fixed on her face.

She swore that she would give up if Shaun refused to eat.

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