Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 69

A moment later, Shaun lowered his head and ate the food in the spoon that Catherine was holding.

“Continue feeding me.”

Catherine was speechless.

Did he not have hands? Why was he ordering her to feed him?

However, she continued to feed him all the food on the plate as she felt guilty.

Shaun got up as soon as he finished eating. “Let’s go home.”

Catherine was at a loss for words. “We’re going home just like this?”

It was not even 8:00 p.m. yet. If they were to leave now, she would undoubtedly be the first person he would suspect later.

“Uh, don’t leave. You can stay here overnight.”

In fact, he was here to make an appearance. At the end of the day, he only showed up for the sake of Old Master Harrison. He found it a waste of time mingling with other people.

Considering that he was insistent on leaving, Catherine had no choice but to leave together with him.

After they got into the car, she handed him the gift that she received from Old Master Harrison.

“Keep it,” Shaun said lightly.

“But it’s expensive. I don’t think I should have it…”

“This is just expensive to you.” Shaun smiled thoughtfully.

Apparently, she was being ridiculed for being poor.

Catherine looked down. She panicked, knowing that a storm would befall next.

When they arrived at Jadeite Bay, she secretly watched Shaun’s back with guilt and unease.

‘Sorry, Shaun. I’ll definitely treat you well in the future. Just obey me tonight.’

After they got home, Shaun took a shower. He then headed to the study to have a video meeting.

Halfway through the meeting, he suddenly felt that his body was burning. It did not make him feel any better even after he took off his coat.

“Are you okay, Young Master Hill? Your face is flushed,” his subordinate on the other end asked in bewilderment.”

“I’m not feeling well. Let’s continue tomorrow. Keep a watchful eye on Paxton Hill over there.”

Shaun turned off his computer and returned straight to the bathroom for a cold shower. No matter how slow-witted he was, he still knew that something was wrong with him.

He did not have much to eat that night, so why would he…

Hang on. He had eaten the food Catherine took for him.

At this thought, his face expressed a sense of hostility.

Damn it. How dare she!

The door of the bathroom was kicked open with a bang. It shocked Catherine, who was laying the mattress on the floor.

She saw Shaun walking out, beads of water covering his flesh. His face flushed with fierceness.

It had taken effect, huh?

“What’s… What’s wrong with you?” Catherine flinched while moving backward. Suddenly, she was frightened.

“Were you the one who spiked my food just now?” Shaun clutched her arm and dragged her up from the floor.

Catherine’s eyes twitched. Little did she expect that he would be conscious of it so soon. “I… I don’t know what you’re saying.”

“You’re still denying it, huh?” Shaun squeezed her neck, his eyes revealing hatred. “Who else would’ve had the chance to do it besides you?”

Catherine was nearly suffocating. She never thought that Shaun’s reaction would turn out to be so terrifying. She was terribly frightened.

“It was… I was the one who did it… Sorry!”

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