Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 70

Catherine’s neck hurt so badly that tears rolled down her face. She thought that she was face to face with a devil!

She deeply regretted it!

“How wicked of you! I trusted you so much!”

Anger erupted in Shaun’s chest. Why would she do such a thing? What he hated most in his life was being tricked!

He resented her, yet the skin he was touching soon made him lose his senses. Having gone out of control, he flung her down on the bed.

Catherine’s clothes were torn because of it. He got up and dashed to the bathroom for a shower again.


The slam of the door was heard. It had also slammed against Catherine’s heart.

Catherine subconsciously shuddered and stared at the ceiling blankly. She wondered if he resented her so much that he refused to touch her.

That was true. He had not fallen for her since the very start.

She had been wrong!

She had been disastrously wrong. She should not have been persuaded to use this kind of tactic!

Catherine dropped her gaze, feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt.

The water in the bathroom spattered for 45 minutes.

Worried that something had happened to Shaun, she summoned her courage to walk to the door and knocked on it. “Are you okay? I’m sorry. Do you need me to—”

“Shut up. I’d rather die than touch a woman like you.”

The bathroom door was opened violently. Soaked from head to toe, Shaun glared at her with red eyes.

Catherine gaped in astonishment.

“How much did you add to the food?” Having nowhere to vent his spleen, Shaun pulled her roughly into the bathroom and drenched her in icy water.

Before the icy water even poured on her head, Catherine started to shiver.

Only when Shaun noticed that she was hardly able to breathe in the water did he let go of her. He cursed with a deep voice and kicked the door forcefully. Then, he put on his clothes and ran out of the house.

Catherine came out of the bathroom in an embarrassed manner. She wanted to go after him, but it was too late.

12:00 a.m.

Chase rushed to the hospital and saw Shaun receiving IV infusion on the bed. At that point, he was dumbfounded, not knowing whether to admire or envy Shaun.

Aw, how unfair. Why were there not any beautiful women like Catherine who threw themselves at him?

“Tsk, tsk. Your face is still flushed at this moment.”

Chase was here to watch the drama. “Why did you come to the hospital to suffer? You should’ve obeyed Catherine straight away. The issue would’ve been settled.”

“Say that again. I dare you.”

Shaun squinted his grim eyes. He was so furious that he almost knocked the drug bottle on his head.

Hadley frowned. “Mind your words, Young Master Harrison. This is the method used by women that Young Master Hill dislikes the most.”

Chase was stunned. It occurred to him that Shaun was different from the rest.

If it had not been for Brennan Lowe who schemed against the golden girl, Lea Hill, in order to get into the Hill family back then, they would not have given birth to Shaun.

Growing up without his mother’s affection, Shaun had suffered a great deal.

Shaun believed that it was the scheme that brought him to this world.

Therefore, he resented the use of such a tactic, which explained why he was so triggered by Catherine’s act.

“If you don’t wish to see her anymore, just get her to move out,” Chase suggested after letting out a sigh.

“As if a clingy woman like her would be willing to leave!” Shaun scoffed. “Even if I kick her out, she might not leave. She doesn’t have the faintest idea what shame is.”

“Why don’t you move elsewhere? I’ll help you search for a place.”

“That’s my place. Why should I leave?” Shaun was subconsciously annoyed and indignant. “What’s more, if I let her go just like that, it’ll be too easy for her.”

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