Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 71

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 71
Suddenly, Chase raised his eyebrow and asked with interest, “You’ve stayed with her for a long time now, but do you really not have any feelings for her?”

“Feelings?” Shaun mocked. “What about your feelings for the housekeeper who cooks for your family? I probably would’ve tolerated her presence if it was before, but now… I won’t forgive her.”

Chase rolled his eyes. “What about… plotting against her as well? Lock her in the room and let her experience your pain.”

The corners of Shaun’s mouth froze. He replied sulkily, “She has been eyeing me even from before. If I do that, she’ll surely get mad and might even destroy the door of my house.”


Chase shuddered at the thought of the scene.

“Shut up. Just leave me alone.” Shaun began to feel thirsty. “Fetch me a glass of water.”

At 4:00 a.m., Shaun was done with the IV infusion. He returned home only after the heat in his body subsided.

Once he entered the house, he saw Catherine sleeping soundly on the couch in the living room.

Previously, she had claimed that she was afraid of having bad dreams if she was alone in the room. However, she seemed to be sleeping well at that moment.

It had all been an act.

What gave her the right to make him suffer terrible pain and receive an IV infusion in the hospital while she slept comfortably in the house?

In a fit of fury, he took the water from the table and splashed it directly on her face.

“Wake up.”

Catherine sat up in shock, only to find Shaun sitting on the other end of the couch. He sounded like a devil.

Trembling, she asked, “When did you come back? So… How are you now?”

“Because of you, I had sodium chloride IV infusion in the hospital the entirety of the night.”

Shaun leaped to his feet. When he looked at her, the scene of him suffering last night crossed his mind again. It made him feel deeply humiliated.

“Catherine, what I regret most in my life is having married you. I shouldn’t have saved you when you were locked in the old manor previously.”

Catherine turned pale. However, his reaction was understandable to her. If she were in his shoes, she would have felt offended as well.

“Sorry… I’m really sorry… I won’t do it next time.”

“Next time?” Shaun pinched her chin violently. “Do you think there’s still a next time? I’m disgusted just looking at you. You wanted to throw yourself at me. Have you no shame? You’re just as filthy as a whore on the streets!”

He sounded icy as if he had been poisoned. Catherine’s vision blurred right away.

All of a sudden, she thought that she was very stupid. What on earth had she done?

“What’s the point of crying? I won’t be soft-hearted just because you’re crying.” Shaun was irritated by her weeping. “Listen, I don’t want to eat whatever you make anymore. Don’t appear in front of me. Also, don’t step into my room. Your presence kills my appetite.”

He left the house immediately after he finished speaking in a cold manner.

Lying on the floor, Catherine was both downhearted and exhausted.

To her, Shaun was an unbreakable wall.

Not only had she failed to weaken the wall, but he also completely hated her now.


Fine. Let it be. She should not force anything that did not belong to her.

It was indeed her fault last night. She should not have done that kind of thing to him.

All he had done since then was to criticize her, which was considered nothing.

She dragged her blanket and returned to the bedroom with shivering legs. At that point, she was dizzy and uncomfortable.

Perhaps it was because of the incident last night that tormented her. Furthermore, she had not covered herself with a blanket when she slept on the couch, which was why she had caught a cold now.

She lay on the bed to rest. She soon became drowsy and fell asleep.

Then, she was woken by a call from Freya. “So how did things go? Was it successful?”


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