Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 72

“You’re just overthinking.”

With a bitter smile, Catherine described the incident to Freya who was then overwhelmed by a sense of guilt. “Sorry, Cathy. I probably didn’t think things through…”

“Since he’s not into me, I shouldn’t have forced it. What’s more, I got together with him for selfish reasons. Freya, do you think that I shouldn’t have gotten married to Shaun just for the sake of taking revenge on Ethan?”

Catherine was dazed at that moment.

Freya sighed. “You’ve already embarked on this path. What else can you do when you’ve already reached this point? Are you going to stop halfway and get a divorce?”

Catherine remained silent.

‘Right. I should get a divorce, shouldn’t I?’

She got up upon hanging up. With the door of the master bedroom left open, she noticed that Shaun had already left.

She let out a sigh. After the incident, he seemed to have changed into a totally different person, which caused her to feel very tense.

She casually cooked some noodles. After she finished her food, she received a call from Joseph. “Catherine, are you done rendering the sketch for President Lyons’ villa?”

“I’m done.”

“Alright. Bring the sketch to Golden Corporation and meet him. He has been urging for it.”


She did not dare to slack off. She quickly got changed and made her way to Golden Corporation.

The office was situated in the newly-developed ecological zone in Melbourne and surrounded by towering buildings.

As Catherine had told the corporation’s receptionist about her background, the receptionist allowed her to go up straight away.

When she was waiting for the elevator, someone walked out of another elevator. From her back, she looked like Ethan’s mother, Sonya Lyons.

Sonya failed to notice her. She just headed toward the main door with her purse.

At that instant, the elevator arrived with a ding.

After regaining her senses, Catherine entered the elevator with suspicions springing up in her mind.

She had bumped into Ethan in Green Mountain the other day, and this time, she came across Sonya. How coincidental.

Hang on, Wesley’s surname was Lyons. Could he be Sonya’s relative?

However, Catherine had never heard from Ethan before this that he was related to such a powerful person like Wesley.

All of a sudden, her head hurt as she could not figure it out.

The elevator reached the floor, and she subsequently walked into the president’s office.

Wesley happened to be entertaining a visitor, so she waited at the side for a while. Only after the guest left did she submit the sketch and rendering.

“Actually, I just called Joseph to ask about it without meaning to urge you. I didn’t expect that you were done with it already. Indeed, you’re highly efficient.”

Wesley took the sketch from her. When he shifted his gaze to Catherine, he was momentarily stunned. “Miss Jones, you don’t look too good. Are you worn out after staying up late to finish the sketch?”

Catherine was dumbfounded. Over the last two days, she had been physically and mentally exhausted. Indeed, she looked haggard.

Before she left the house, she had applied some makeup on her face. Little did she expect that Wesley would notice her pale look.

“No. I’m having mild insomnia lately.”

Wesley reckoned that she was suffering from insomnia probably because Ethan and Rebecca were going to get married. He could not help but pity her deep down.

Shortly afterward, something else crossed his mind. He had forgotten to keep the invitation card that his sister delivered just now…

Nevertheless, it was too late now. Catherine stared at the invitation card with the words ‘Ethan Lowe & Rebecca Jones’ wedding day’ written on it.

She narrowed her eyes and gave a faint smile. “Mr. Lyons, you know the Lowe and Jones families?”

Wesley kept the invitation card, then gave a light cough. “They’re just my distant relatives.”

He was worried that Catherine would find out that he was Ethan’s uncle, which would give rise to conflict.

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