Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 73

After all, Catherine was a young lady. She might give up on designing his villa in the heat of the moment. Sympathetic toward her, Wesley really wanted to help her out.

“Oh.” His reply was pretty much the same as what Catherine had expected. “Let me explain the sketch to you in detail, Mr. Lyons.”

Wesley nodded. Considering that he was not a professional, he had quite a limited understanding of the detailed sketch.

Initially, Catherine stood right in front of the office desk while explaining the sketch. However, it was inconvenient as the sketch was upside down from her angle.

Wesley pointed to his right side. “Come and stand here.”

Upon obtaining his permission, Catherine walked past the desk and got to his right side. She bent over, then stretched out her finger to point to an area. “I was afraid there wouldn’t be enough space to place the bookshelves, so I arranged one more row here…”

Wesley gazed at her long and slim fingers which resembled the tips of bamboo shoots. She was not standing right next to him. Although her shoulder was some distance away from him, he could smell the elegant scent emanating from her hair.

Having worked in this industry for years, he could always smell the heavy scent of perfume from the women around him. It was rare to find women like her who maintained a natural scent, and this kind of fragrance made him tingle.

With an impassive expression, Wesley glanced sideways at the woman who had neat black hair. Despite being dressed in a conservative turtleneck sweater, she looked elegant with her exquisite features and bright eyes.

She might look haggard, but it gave the man an urge to protect her.

“Mr. Lyons, are you satisfied with such an arrangement?” Catherine’s voice brought him to his senses all of a sudden.

“Yes, it looks great.”

Wesley was a little embarrassed as he completely failed to recall what she had said just now.

Given her discomfort, Catherine was unconscious of it. It was probably because she had caught a cold.

Catherine then spent the next 20 minutes describing the sketch in detail, assuming that Wesley would request the sketch to be modified in some way. After all, a designer could not possibly fulfill the client’s requirements 100%.

Wesley stated firmly, “I’m very satisfied. There’s nothing that needs to be modified. Just get it started tomorrow based on this plan.”

“So quickly? Don’t you need to choose a date?”

“I don’t believe in this kind of stuff. I wish to get the renovation done quickly so that I can move in as soon as possible. Currently, I live with a bunch of people who always urge me to get married. I don’t like it,” Wesley spoke in a joking tone.

“You’re not married yet, Mr. Lyons?” Catherine was astonished.

Wesley raised his brow. “Why? Do I look like I’m married?”

“Considering your maturity and success in your career, I just thought you were married.”

“I’m not.”

He stressed those words clearly.

Meanwhile, he observed Catherine’s expression carefully. With a calm look, she did not seem to show any interest in him.

He sighed deep down at the thought of Ethan’s poor judgment. This woman was absolutely not the materialistic and narrow-minded sort.

“When I get back, I’ll discuss this matter with the renovation team and ask them to begin the renovation work tomorrow.” Catherine shook his hand before she turned around and walked away.

Shortly after she left, Ethan gave Wesley a call.

“Uncle Wesley, did you really agree to recommend your friend’s villa in Green Mountain to Summit for the renovation?

“It’s all because of your mom who pestered me early in the morning. You said you wouldn’t bother me, you punk. So you got your mom to do it, huh?” Wesley said in a huff, “This is going to be the last time. Don’t ask me to help with the Jones family’s matters anymore.”

“Uncle Wesley, why are you having issues with the Jones family? Actually—”

“Get this clear. The Jones family’s marriage is related to the Lowe family, not me.” He hung up the phone as soon as he finished speaking. Each time he saw Catherine, he became more disgusted at the Jones family that consisted of all daughters. How unfair.

6:00 p.m.

After getting off from work, Catherine went to the clinic to get some cold medicine.

When it was dinner time, Shaun was not back yet. She walked Fudge around the courtyard right after she finished her dinner.

Fudge was tired of walking, so she lay on the fence watching a bunch of youngsters playing basketball in the neighborhood.

A lady who was also walking a cat came to take a look at Fudge. She smiled and said, “Your cat is probably going to give birth in one month’s time.”

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