Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 74

Catherine was momentarily stunned. With a smile, she said, “Madam, I think you’re mistaken. My cat’s just a little too fat.”

“I don’t think so. I bumped into your husband earlier and even asked him about it. Your husband admitted that the cat is pregnant.”

“My husband?”

Was the lady referring to Shaun?

Indeed, Shaun would walk the cat occasionally. However, Fudge was not pregnant.

“Madam, I’m sure you’ve mistaken someone else for Shaun.”

“That’s unlikely. I might be a bit far-sighted, but your husband’s appearance is one of a kind. No one else in the neighborhood resembles him. Even those celebrities on TV aren’t as good-looking as him. What’s more, my cat is quite familiar with your cat as they’ve played together several times.”

As the lady was speaking, her cat came over. Fudge immediately meowed to greet the cat. They seemed close as if they were old acquaintances.

Catherine was completely disheartened. Was Fudge pregnant?

Hang on, Fudge was actually a female cat?

God, she had always assumed that Fudge was a male cat.

It was because Fudge always pestered Catherine, and moreover, her name sounded masculine.

“Apparently, you have poor vision, young lady. From her huge stomach, you can obviously tell that she’s pregnant. Didn’t your husband inform you about it?”

“I…” Damn.

“Thank you for reminding me. It’s my first time rearing a cat.”

After Catherine bid the lady goodbye embarrassedly, she swiftly took a taxi to a veterinary hospital.

After the vet performed an ultrasound on the cat, he held his glasses and said, “You’re so relaxed, young lady. Your cat is going to give birth very soon.”


A series of garbled characters flashed across Catherine’s mind.

Before she fully registered the news that Fudge was pregnant, she was told that Fudge was going to give birth soon.

“There are still ten more days until the due date,” the doctor added, “Keep a watchful eye on her these days. Anyway, her fur looks soft and shiny, so I’m guessing she usually has a nutritious diet and is quite fit. She should be able to give birth naturally.”

“…Well, may I know whether cats vomit during their pregnancy?”

“Some cats do. They might lose their appetite in early pregnancy.”


Catherine absent-mindedly walked out of the hospital.

At that moment, she was preoccupied with the thought of being cheated by the scummy Shaun.

According to the timeline, Shaun should have found out about Fudge’s pregnancy during the check-up in the hospital when she vomited the other day.

Also, Fudge vomited not because Catherine fed her with chips and beef but simply because she was pregnant.

Therefore, why had she even been feeling guilty about it all this while?

What was the point of her preparing different kinds of great food to soothe Fudge’s stomach?

She had not even done anything wrong. However, Shaun had put a label on her which caused her to feel extremely guilty each time she saw Fudge.

She had been tricked.

That was the only thought that struck her.

If it was not for Shaun who had saved her twice before this, she would really rush over to slap him twice.

What gave him the right to take the moral high ground and use Fudge as a reason to tell her off each time she came home late?

Scummy Shaun!

When Catherine arrived home, Shaun had not returned yet. After taking some medicine, Catherine was so drowsy that she fell asleep in spite of herself.

In the morning, she heard the door of the master room being opened while she was brushing her teeth in the bathroom. With that, she wiped her mouth and dashed out right away.

“What are you doing?”

Shaun pulled a long face. If she was planning to beg for his forgiveness, she could dream on.

“You should already know the matter of Fudge’s pregnancy, right?” Catherine stared intently at his face after she finished speaking. Although there was only a slight change in his expression, she realized that his face had looked stiff for a moment.

“She’s pregnant?” Shaun looked away coldly.

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