Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 75

“Stop pretending! You told your neighbor that Fudge is pregnant. When I went to the vet to ask about it, I was told that she’s going to give birth soon. She vomited only because she’s pregnant and not because of the food I prepared.”

Catherine became even more pissed as she spoke. She then flew into a fit of rage. “Shaun, do you think it’s fun to trick me by treating me as a fool?”

Shaun’s expression turned somber. He was slightly embarrassed.

“Catherine, you’d better get this clear. You were the one who wanted to move in before this, and I just fulfilled your wish by offering you the chance to please me.”

“So am I supposed to thank you for lying to me…” Catherine gnashed her teeth.

“Weren’t you glad to be able to move into this place back then? Moreover, I even saved you twice later. If it hadn’t been for me, do you think you could still be here talking to me in one piece?”

Shaun frowned as this woman did not know her place. When she had no money and nowhere to stay back then, he had been kind enough to take her in.

What about her?

She actually treated him in such a nasty manner!

How dare she criticize him at this point? Who gave her the right to do so?


Upset, Catherine was at a loss for words.

Indeed, he was her savior, but did it mean that he could act unscrupulously?

Fine. Catherine was the one who had approached him with ill intentions in the first place.

She deserved being tricked.

With a pale look, she did not utter another word. Upon realizing that, Shaun sounded more confident.

“Catherine, you should really reflect on your attitude. If it isn’t for Fudge who’s pregnant and needing someone’s care, I wouldn’t have tolerated a person like you being here.”

It was unclear how Catherine left later.

She felt dizzy and so mad that she wanted to pick a fight with him.

Ever since she got together with Shaun, she suspected that she had turned into a Ninja Turtle.

Was it too late for her to mend her ways?

If she had known earlier how arduous the journey would be, she surely would not have approached Shaun!

No matter how miserable she felt, she could not put off her work.

At 8:30 a.m., Catherine drove to Jadeite Villa.

When she drove past the entrance of the villa where Shaun entered last time, she spotted Rebecca and James heading toward it.

That was Shaun’s villa! Was Shaun letting Rebecca renovate the villa?

Catherine absent-mindedly drove to the property management company.

While dealing with the property management process, she asked, “I saw renovation workers entering Block B2. Are they going to renovate the place?”

“Yeah. The renovation deposit has been paid as well,” a representative from the property management company said.

“Which renovation company is that?”


At that instant, Catherine seemed to hear the collapse of the one and only support that held Shaun and herself together.

Although Ethan had mentioned it previously, it had just been his remark. What he said would not count unless Shaun approved it.

Hah. Little did Catherine expect that Shaun would really pass the project to Rebecca.

Shaun was under no illusions that Rebecca had stolen her design and that the Jones family had nearly taken her life.

Catherine was also aware that she did not hold a place in Shaun’s heart. He was even disgusted by her at this point.

Having said that, they had been living together for quite a while. She was the one who had been helping him do the laundry, cook, clean the house, and take care of the cat. Did he actually wipe all these things from his mind?

What was more, unprincipled people like Jeffery and Rebecca did not deserve to be tolerated nor supported.

Now that Shaun was supporting them, it meant that he was an unprincipled scumbag.

When Catherine walked out of the property management company, her eyes were red and she felt dizzy.

The cold medicine that she took yesterday did not seem to take effect. Now that she was triggered, she could barely keep her footing.

Nevertheless, she must not collapse since no one would sympathize with her.

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