Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 82

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 82
“Officer Chandler, this is my other darling daughter, Catherine. She’s not only courageous but also kind and upright. Not long ago, she even cooperated with the police and went undercover to take down a group that makes illegal videos. Sigh, my eldest is getting married soon but my youngest is still single. I hope she gets married soon as well. Don’t you have a younger son available too…”

A flurry of emotions chased across Officer Chandler’s face in quick succession. Everyone in Melbourne knew Catherine had almost gotten raped on the live stream. No family would dare to take her in anymore.

“Oh, right, she sounds like a nice girl. It’s a shame my younger son is already in a relationship. Hey, isn’t that Chairman Wright? It’s been a long time.”

Officer Chandler made an excuse and walked away quickly.

Jeffery said in disappointment, “Don’t worry, Cathy. I’ll find you a good husband today.”

Nonchalance was written all over Catherine’s face. She had already given up hope on this couple.

“You can stop the pretense now. You were the ones who arranged the reporters by the door and soon, the words will go out that we’re a happy family. There’s no need to keep acting. I’m only here today to celebrate Grandma’s birthday. I’m not interested in anything else.”

Sally suppressed her anger and said through gritted teeth, “Catherine Jones, what happened to you that made you so heartless? No matter what, we’ve raised you since young and spent a lot of time and effort educating you. It’s one thing that you don’t realize your mistakes but you even slander us to the public. Have you any conscience left? Apart from the matters related to Rebecca, have we wronged you otherwise? We put you in the old manor also purely for your own good.”

“You’re right, that’s why I don’t hate you. You two brought me into this world, but that doesn’t mean you can take my life too!” Catherine scoffed out of anger.

Jefferey shouted, “Since when did we want to take your life? Was the environment over at the old manor really that bad? It’s not like I had banned you from eating or keeping warm.”

This took Catherine by surprise. Did it mean the old lady was not part of their plan?

It seemed possible on second thought. “But that old lady—”

“Cathy, you actually came!” Rebecca’s shriek of surprise filled the room.

Before Catherine could react, Rebecca grabbed her with her left arm and linked her right arm with their mother’s.

“How great! Our family is finally complete.”

Catherine lifted her arm that the woman was holding and said coldly, “Please move your hand away. I don’t want to be accused of pushing you to the ground again when I take my hand away later.”

“Cathy, what do you mean?” A look of embarrassment washed over Rebecca’s pretty face. She quickly held Ethan’s hand and pleaded softly. “Ethan, talk to Cathy. We’ve invited many guests today and it’s important that our family is friendly with one another.”

Naturally, he thought Catherine meant to stir up trouble again and instinctively glared at the woman. However, he was completely taken aback in the next second.

Catherine was wearing a long white dress today. Her beautiful hair was in a casual yet delicate updo. She looked uniquely attractive.

Rebecca appeared pretty today as well, but it was mainly because of her makeup. She could not compare to Catherine’s natural beauty even with the thick layers of makeup on.

If not for everything that had happened in the past, Catherine would be the person he was getting engaged to today…

A surge of annoyance rocked through Rebecca upon seeing him staring at Catherine in a daze. She simply said in a neutral tone, “Cathy, you look gorgeous today. I bet you spent hours getting ready for tonight. Look, everyone can’t take their eyes off you.”

Embarrassment flashed across Ethan’s handsome face as he immediately retrieved his gaze.

Sally became displeased at the sound of that. “Catherine, I invited you here today to give your blessings, not become the center of attention. Today’s a big day for your sister.”

Speechless, Catherine replied grudgingly, “Well, sorry to disappoint but it only took me ten minutes to get ready. It all comes down to my natural beauty. I shouldn’t be blamed for having been born prettier than her. I wasn’t the one who gave birth to her anyway.”

“You…” Sally found no words to retaliate.

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