Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 83

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 83
Catherine turned to look at Rebecca before chuckling again.

“You’re secretly jealous that I’m prettier than you, right? Say it outright instead of trying to throw subtle hints left and right all the time. After all, you only have to say it and someone else will do the dirty work for you, isn’t it? Then you can go off pretending to be weak and innocent again.”

“Catherine, that’s not what I mean. I’m genuinely complimenting you.” Tears of grievance were slowly welling up in Rebecca’s eyes.

Ethan could not watch this any longer. “Catherine, haven’t you had enough? You’re the only one being harsh to Rebecca since the beginning.”

“There, someone is stepping up to protect you now.” The corners of Catherine’s lips twitched into a meaningful smile.

Ethan widened his eyes in rage. Jeffery finally spoke up, “Alright, we still have guests around. Catherine, go to the private room to keep your Grandma company. Come out again when the ceremony starts.”

“I’ll leave after seeing Grandma…”

“You’ll have to feed her later,” Jeffery interrupted impatiently, “Your grandma became paralyzed after she fell not long ago. She can’t even feed herself now.”

This news hit Catherine like a bombshell. She could not believe what she had just heard. It had only been a month since she last visited her grandma. How could this happen?

“Why are you only telling me this now?!”

“What good would it have done? What else can you do apart from infuriating us?”

Catherine walked away coldly toward the private room. A gray-haired old lady was sitting in the wheelchair, staring aimlessly at the window. Another woman next to her was feeding her water.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. “Sorry, Grandma, that I only came to see you now.”

She had not visited recently to avoid making the old woman worry.

Apart from her grandfather who had passed away, her grandmother was the only person left in the Jones family who treated her well since young.

Ever since she was a little girl, Jeffery and Sally had been harsh and distant with her. Her grandmother was the only one who truly loved her without condition.

However, when she left to pursue further education abroad, her grandmother moved back to Plum Garden.

“Granny Jones is partly deaf now, hence she can’t hear very well,” the other woman said.

“And you are…” Catherine did not recognize this woman. Aunty Wendy had always been the carer for her grandmother.

“The Jones hired me to look after Granny Jones. You can call me Aunty Helen.”

“But what about Aunty Wendy…”

“Apparently, she found it troublesome to take care of the paralyzed Granny Jones and resigned.”

This caught Catherine by surprise. Aunty Wendy had looked after her grandma for more than 30 years and the two of them had built a great relationship. Granny Jones needed her the most right now, so it seemed unlikely that she would leave at this time.

Perhaps Aunty Wendy was getting old herself and this job had worn her out.

She felt terribly sorry to think about her grandma’s situation. She knelt down before the old woman and grabbed the latter’s hand. “Grandma, I’m Cathy. I’m here to see you.”

Granny Jones looked at her in surprise before revealing a familiar smile. “It’s you, Sheryl. Have you been out all day again? Quickly get changed into clean clothes. Your dad is taking us out for dinner.”

Catherine was stunned briefly upon hearing that. Sheryl was her aunty, but she had passed away more than 20 years ago.

“Grandma, you’re missing Aunty again?”

Granny Jones did not seem to understand her and began mumbling to no one in particular.

Catherine sat down next to the old lady, feeling despondent.

Around 12 p.m., Jeffery reappeared in the room. “Bring your grandma out for food.”

“I can just feed her in here, given her condition.” She felt annoyed looking at that man’s face.

“I’m not giving you a choice. You must go out there right now to have a peaceful meal with our family. Otherwise, I’ll not allow you to see your grandma ever again,” Jeffery instructed.

Catherine did not know how to feel anymore. He had said the words ‘our family’. It seemed that he had decided to rule her out entirely from the family.

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