Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 84

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 84
“Fine, I’ll go.”

Silently, Catherine pushed Granny Jones, who was in a wheelchair, out of the room and toward the banquet hall. They would be sitting at the same table as the Jones couple and Ethan.

However, after taking her seat, she noticed Wesley sitting at the other main table reserved for immediate relatives.

A look of confusion spread across her face. He claimed to be distant relatives to both these families but why was he sitting together with Elder Lyons and Granny Lyons?

Not to mention Shaun. He actually did not attend the ceremony although he was Ethan’s uncle.

Quite the contrary, Janet and Cindy, who were not even that familiar with Rebecca, showed up.

Catherine laughed internally. Rebecca had surely gone all out to build friendly relationships with people she did not like.

The engagement ceremony commenced at 12.12 p.m.

The emcee went up the stage to thank everyone for their presence. Finally, both Ethan and Rebecca were invited up the stage.

Rebecca, who was dressed in red, stood next to Ethan who was wearing a black suit. The two of them looked perfect together.

The guests began commenting on the couple.

“I heard that First Young Lady Jones was raised on the farm yet she’s elegant and poised. No wonder Ethan has fallen for her.”

“There was a rumor going around last year that Ethan was going to be engaged to Catherine. I’d surely have picked Rebecca too if I were in his shoes. A good personality triumphs above all.”

“You’re right.”


Those noises grazed past Catherine’s ears like gusts of wind, but she chose to ignore them and focused on feeding her grandmother instead.

However, what rendered her speechless was that Cindy was the person who delivered the rings onstage in the end.

She said jokingly into the microphone, “Actually, I’ve known Ethan for about seven or eight years now and he’s like a great big brother to me. Many girls used to go after him back in high school but not one among them caught his eyes. I thought no one ever would, until he met Rebecca and fell for her at first sight.”

She threw a mocking glance at Catherine. “Cathy, you’ll join me and give them your blessings, won’t you?”

Catherine could sense the satire in every one of her words. Cindy would not have crossed paths with Ethan if not for her.

Her ex-best friend was now congratulating her ex-boyfriend for a happy marriage. How much more sarcastic could this be?

“Oh, sure.” She raised her glass slowly as an enigmatic smile spread across her face. “I realize no one can be more shameless than the three of you.”

Ethan’s face fell. Meanwhile, Jeffery quickly gestured at the emcee.

“Next, let us witness the engaged couple’s love story. Please shift your attention to the screen,” the latter said.

A romantic melody filled the room. However, the slideshow was showing photos of Catherine and Ethan. Some had been taken when they were little kids. A few of them were from when he had traveled miles across the sea to visit her when she was studying abroad. They looked happy and intimate in the photos.

The audience in the banquet hall was evidently shocked.

The Lowe and Jones families were not pleased. Jeffery slapped the table and sprung to his feet. “What is this nonsense? Stop it right away.”

Soon, the screen went blank, but the few seconds from before were enough to cause a commotion among the guests.

“What’s going on? Were Catherine and Ethan really together before?”

“Who did this? Could it be Catherine?”

“Most probably. I thought she was acting strange from the moment she walked in.”


Catherine frowned slightly as she had a premonition that something bad was about to happen.

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