Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 85

Catherine had nothing to do with this but evidently, someone was trying to frame her.

The only person who could do all this was probably Rebecca!

This woman actually sacrificed her own engagement party for this reason. How cruel!

“Who the hell did this?!” Sally screamed angrily. “Where are the photos previously saved in the memory card?”

The floor manager hurried forward. “Madam Jones, I’m truly sorry. We just realized the memory card has been replaced.”

“Who would do something terrible like this?!” Sonya shouted.

Cindy replied almost right away, “Aunty Sonya, it’s obvious that someone is trying to ruin the ceremony.”

“That’s right. We must find out who is behind this!”

“I’m not sure if I should say this.” Right at that moment, Aunty Helen, who was looking after Granny Jones, stood up cowardly and stuttered, “I saw Second Young Lady Jones sneakily entering the media room earlier.”

Startled, Catherine suddenly understood something.

She remained silent, but Jeffery was already glaring furiously at her. “Was this your doing?”

Rebecca appeared as pale as a sheet of paper. “Cathy, it’s one thing to make a scene at home but how could you do this in the public…”

Sally chipped in with the criticisms, “You’ve really stepped over the limit this time. You can’t control someone’s feelings. Ethan has always treated you like a younger sister since little.”

Immediately, Sonya stepped forward to explain the situation.

“Please don’t read this the wrong way, everyone. Ethan and Catherine grew up together since young and he has always loved her like a younger sister. However, it takes two to tango, and he can’t possibly change her feelings. Isn’t that right, Ethan?”

Ethan subconsciously turned to Catherine. She returned his gaze by looking straight into his eyes.

He held his fists together and tried to steer clear from having a past with her.

“Sorry, Cathy, I was wrong to make you misunderstand my intention. I really just see you as a younger sister. What we have isn’t romantic love.”

After saying that, he noticed Catherine twitching the corners of her lips into a smile. There was calmness and sarcasm in her eyes.

He felt his heart skip a beat. Never had he been this embarrassed and ashamed of himself before.

However, she had given him no choice when she decided to display those photos in public.

Enraged, Jeffery pointed a finger at Catherine and shouted, “Apologize to your sister right away or I won’t recognize you, this troublemaker, as my daughter!”

Catherine smiled and clapped slowly as she rose to her feet to walk toward the stage.

She grabbed the microphone off the emcee’s hands. “What a marvelous show! I really can’t figure out who planned this out. Was it President Jones? Madam Jones? Or perhaps First Young Lady Jones…”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Jeffery rushed forward to grab the microphone but Catherine swiftly leaped up to the table where Wesley was seated.

She said aloud into the microphone.

“President Jones, why are you so afraid of what I might say? You forced me to attend the ceremony using Grandma’s 80th birthday as an excuse, simply to prove to the public that I’m not being locked up and tortured by the Jones? Just so you can redeem the Summit’s reputation?

“I did my part and showed up, yet it seems like you’ve forgotten that it’s even your mother’s 80th birthday. She’s lost her mind and become paralyzed, yet you didn’t even mention her for a second throughout the entire ceremony. What a filial son you are.”

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