Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 87

“You…” Cindy was visibly shaking by now.

“Stop it, you. We were best friends for almost eight years and we’ve taken countless pictures together. Don’t force me to prove it.”

Catherine calmly swept her gaze past the guests before finally landing her attention on the Jones couple.

“There’s no need to check the security footage because the Jones family wouldn’t allow it to happen anyway. I don’t want to stay at this ceremony for a minute longer. Honestly, I’m disgusted by all of you hypocrites.”

Then, she threw the microphone aside, jumped off the table, and started walking out of the banquet hall under everyone’s gaze.

The Jones and Lowe families looked extremely embarrassed.

Ethan was the most ashamed out of all. Finally, his father stepped forward and announced to the guests, “Let’s start the feast while the young couple gets changed and gets some rest upstairs. I bet they’re getting tired too.”

He threw a warning glare at Ethan after saying that. The latter gritted his teeth as he left the stage and walked toward backstage.

By the elevator.

Anxiety rocked through Catherine as she waited for the elevator to arrive.

She had to leave as soon as possible. She had only acted boldly earlier because they were under the public’s eyes.

She was a lone wolf now. They might come rushing to deal with her.

However, the elevator took a long time as it traveled through more than 30 different floors.

“Catherine, stay right there!” Ethan’s furious voice rang behind her.

She looked over her shoulder to find the handsome face written over with intense rage. He had never gotten this upset at her before.

There was no doubt that he might actually assault her.

Just as the frightening possibilities flashed across her mind, a tall figure stepped in front of her like a shield. The silhouette belonged to Wesley.

“Ethan, what are you doing?”

“Uncle, I should be the one asking the question. This is a private matter between me and her. Step away.”


Catherine felt as if she had been struck by lightning.

What did he say?

Did Ethan just call Wesley his uncle?

Her mind was now a tangled mess.

If Wesley was Ethan’s uncle, then who the hell was Shaun?

Oh no…

Wesley frowned as he warned, “Stop while you can. It’s your engagement ceremony tonight. Go back upstairs.”

“My engagement ceremony was ruined by her.” Ethan’s eyes were filled with flames of fire. “The reputation I spent years building was destroyed today. Didn’t you see how my father looked at me earlier?”

“Was it her who ruined the engagement? All I saw was a group of people being forceful and aggressive toward her.” A look of disappointment washed over Wesley’s face.

“Ethan, you’re right to work diligently toward inheriting Lowe Corporation, but you can’t cross the line. A tamed rabbit will bite when agitated. All that happened to you today is simply because you stepped over the line with Catherine!”

His words moved Catherine. She did not expect this man to understand her this well.

Startled, Ethan said hesitantly, “Uncle, you’ve helped her out a few times today. Why? Is it because you’re…”

Similarly, Catherine lifted her gaze to look at the tall silhouette in front of her.

“I’ve had opportunities to get to know her, and from what I’ve seen, she’s an amazing woman. If she’s willing to give me a chance, she might even become your aunty one day.”


She was at a loss for words.

Damn it!

She was about to lose her mind!

Ethan was shocked upon hearing that. Who could accept their ex-girlfriend becoming their aunt?

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