Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 89

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 89
This took Freya by surprise. “Have I upset you?”

“You didn’t upset me but you’ve pushed me into a grave!” Catherine, who had lost control, started screaming. “Shaun is not Ethan’s uncle at all! You got the wrong person!”

“No way…” Freya did not know what else to say.

“I met Ethan’s uncle today and he turns out to be Wesley Lyons. I was given the project to design his villa in Green Mountain not long ago.” Catherine felt like crying at the moment. “What went wrong that led you to make this mistake? My goodness.”


Freya resorted to silence as a shudder passed through her. She could not fathom why as she had heard it from her own brother.

Half an hour later, Catherine showed up in front of Freya as fast as a bolt of lightning.

The latter had already borrowed a helmet beforehand. “Here’s the rule. You can hit me but not on my face.”

The corners of Catherine’s lips twitched into a helpless smile. “Can I jump into the river together with you then?”

Freya winced pitifully.

“I’ve stood in the rain and reflected on my mistakes for the past 30 minutes. I’ve thought back to the scene when my brother pointed to me the man who was supposed to be Ethan’s uncle. There were two men walking alongside one another at that time. Shaun was definitely one of them. He had an overbearing manner and the poise of a king…”

“And so you naturally assumed he was Ethan’s uncle?” Catherine interrupted with a sarcastic laugh.

Freya lowered her head to the ground, biting her nails without realizing. “Well, it’s natural that I would make that assumption. The man standing next to Shaun was nothing in comparison…”

“Did that man look like this?”

Catherine found a photo of Wesley from her phone, which she had accidentally taken on the day they commenced the renovation process.

“Oh, I wasn’t really paying attention then.” Freya frowned as she gave it some serious thoughts. “It kind of looks like him. Yes, that was him. So he’s Ethan’s uncle?”

Catherine placed a hand on her chest to ease the pain.

“Goodness, I sacrificed my marriage because of your wrong instinct. Do you know how I’ve suffered in the past months?

“Every day, I’m on the verge of losing my mind from that despicable man’s verbal abuse, not to mention having to do his laundry, warm his bed, and become his housekeeper for free!

“Whenever I felt like giving up, I told myself it’s okay because this will help me secure my position as Ethan’s aunt. Turns out, I’ve been flirting with the wrong man!”

Freya, who was overridden with guilt, kept her eyes glued to the ground.

Tears welled up in Catherine’s eyes as she forced a smile. “So yes, I didn’t only sacrifice my marriage but every part of me too.”

“I’m sorry, I truly am,” Freya said weakly, “What if… I match you up with my brother?”

Catherine was rendered speechless by this woman. “First, you destroyed my life, and now you want to drag your elder brother into this mess? Forget it, it’s probably karma. You only showed me the man without any ulterior intention. It was me who daydreamed about taking revenge by becoming Ethan’s aunt. Perhaps I was a horrible person in my past life. That’s probably it.”

“Stop saying that. Oh right, didn’t you say a couple of days ago that the villa owner is interested in you? So in the end you still have a chance of stepping up to become Ethan’s aunt! Not to mention that he’s already attracted to you. My girl, it’s your time to shine.” Freya patted her friend’s shoulder encouragingly.

“I feel like crying the more you say that.”

Catherine looked up at the sky and heaved a long sigh. “Wesley is so much nicer than Shaun. If I hadn’t gotten the wrong person in the beginning, we might already be living happily together by now.”

“Don’t worry, there’s still a chance between you two.”

“What chance? I’m legally married, remember? Given the Lyons family’s background, they surely won’t accept a virgin who’s been married once before.” She waved her hands dismissively in the air. “I should probably focus on earning more money. I don’t dare to dream about love anymore.”

“But you… You should probably get a divorce with Shaun,” Freya reminded her cautiously.

Catherine was startled upon hearing that. Right, it was about time to sort that out.

“Will he refuse the divorce?”

“It’s not possible. He’s probably going to applaud joyfully to be able to get rid of me.” Catherine smiled bitterly.

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