Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 98

Ahhhhhhhh were the heavens playing a trick on her?

Ethan’s uncle liked her, but she had married the wrong person!

She was riddled with scars. How would she be in the mood to move on to another relationship?

“I… I’m sorry, Mr. Lyons. I… I only think of you as a friend.”

“I’m glad that you do.” Ethan was a little disheartened, but he continued to smile. “It’s okay. I didn’t confess to you because I wanted you to accept me. I just want you to understand my feelings so I can pursue you.”

Catherine felt her head throb. “But I have no intention of dating now. I want to focus on my work.”

“I can wait for you. Alright, let’s sit down and order first.” Wesley gentlemanly pulled out a chair for her.

Catherine was helpless and could only lower her head and order her meal.

At the intersection outside the window of the restaurant, a Ferrari was waiting for the red light.

Sitting in the passenger seat was Shaun Hill, whose dark eyes suddenly hardened when he took a glance outside.

“Turn left. We’ll eat at that western restaurant by the roadside.

“Oh, that won’t do. We have an appointment with Mr. Jackson to talk about the case.” Chase followed Shaun’s gaze and looked over. He instantly understood why the temperature in the car had suddenly dropped. Shaun was jealous.

“Cancel it,” Shaun’s eyes were cold as ice as he ordered.

Chase could only do as ordered and stop the car after turning in.

When the two appeared at the door of the restaurant, the receptionist froze for a moment.

It was her first time seeing two young and handsome men coming together to eat at the restaurant… Could they be in… that kind of relationship?

The receptionist looked regretful but said politely, “Would you like the couple booth?”

Chase stumbled on his feet.

Sh*t. His pure and innocent reputation was ruined.

“No need.” Shaun expressionlessly walked straight toward where Catherine was sitting.

The closer he got, the clearer he could see that the person she was eating with was another man.

She had never even done that with Shaun before. Damn it. She was laughing so happily too.

Chase was shocked. “Woah, isn’t that Wesley Lyons from Golden Corporation? They wanted to ask you to take on their case before.”

“No wonder he looks familiar.” The coldness on Shaun’s face grew.

It was no wonder she was clamoring for a divorce. She had already set her eyes on another target.

He looked at what she was wearing now. The matcha-green cardigan was wrapped around her exquisite figure, showing off all her curves and leaving the rest to people’s imaginations.

She also sported a new look of curly chestnut hair, making her originally beautiful features look even more delicate and tempting.

Catherine was chatting with Wesley about some matters abroad when she suddenly felt a chilly wave.

Then, a slender white hand was pressed on the back of the empty dining chair beside her. Looking at the hand, she followed the trail until she saw a watch of an unknown brand on the wrist.

Although it was simple and low-key, as the person’s wrist was too beautiful, it made the watch seem like a famous branded watch.

She remembered that only Shaun Hill wore a watch like that…

Just as that thought flashed by, Shaun dragged the chair out and sat down.

Wearing a plaid khaki vest suit with a white shirt and a printed tie, his aura dominated the area with his handsome silhouette.

The noble aura that emanated from his body simply overwhelmed Wesley’s refined and elegant aura, making him seem dim and dull in comparison.

She seemed to be able to understand how Freya had mistaken one for the other now.

Indeed, when these two people were together, most would focus on Shaun at a glance.

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