Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 95

“I might stay a few nights here in the future. Naturally, I’m allowed to come visit whenever I want.” Elder Lyons suddenly pointed at the front with his walking stick. “Hey, why is there water flowing out?”

Wesley’s face fell. Sonya gave a shriek of surprise.

“It looks like the house is flooded.”

Wesley noticed it too. He turned to face Catherine with a stern expression. “Why is there water all over the place?”

Builder John stuttered, “We… We have no idea. The tap was left running since last night…”

Sonya covered her mouth as she gasped. “What do you mean you have no idea? You all have been given full responsibility for the renovation process yet now you’re trying to shift the blame? Oh goodness, can you still save the house? I hope the water didn’t seep through the walls.”

Elder Lyons stomped the walking stick on the ground. “What low-quality company have you hired? Hurry up and call the police.”

All color drained off Builder John’s face, and he looked as if he was about to kneel on the ground. Catherine inched forward to hold him up right away.

“Sure, let’s report it to the police. They might as well look into who’s setting up Talton Design while they’re here.”

Sonya shook her head, looking displeased.

“Cathy, are you trying to shift the blame? A project manager should assume the consequences of their mistakes. You guys have the keys to the villa and also the only ones who know the password, right?

“Wesley, I understand you handed the project to her because you like her. But she still needs to assume the necessary responsibilities.”

“What? You like her?!” Elder Lyons almost fell to the ground. “She’s Ethan’s ex-girlfriend. Aren’t you afraid of getting ridiculed for being with your nephew’s ex?”

Sonya quickly patted her father on the back. “Calm down, Dad. Cathy is young and beautiful. It’s normal that men will fall for her.”

“She can’t seduce Wesley simply because she’s young and beautiful.” Elder Lyons pointed a finger at Catherine and shouted, “Young lady, how have you become so shameless? No wonder Ethan left you. A woman like you doesn’t deserve anyone from our family.”

“Dad.” Wesley’s face was overcast. “Catherine has never seduced me. She’s a good woman. Please don’t humiliate her.”

“I think you’re too obsessed to see the truth. Look what she’s done to your villa!” Elder Lyons shouted furiously, “If you wish to forget about this matter, then I’m telling you right now that it’s impossible! Sonya, call the police right now.”

Catherine suddenly retrieved her phone. A confident smile spread across her face.

“Sure. I’ve installed a security camera in the villa prior to this just in case. The truth will unfold once we have a look.”

A look of surprise flashed across Sonya’s face.

Wesley seemed delighted. He wanted to take Catherine’s side, but he really did not know how to do so in the old man’s presence.

“Alright, I’ll make sure the police investigate this thoroughly.”

“There’s no need to trouble the police. I’ve already looked at it on the way here.” Catherine showed him the footage. “After Builder John left last night, your personal assistant came over. It was him who turned on the tap.”

Wesley’s eyes revealed a flash of dangerous intent as he watched the footage.

A few seconds later, he turned around slowly to glance at Sonya. The latter froze.

Elder Lyons frowned before saying, “Wesley, what’s the problem with your assistant?”

Catherine’s pink lips curled into a meaningful smile. “That’s right. Why would his assistant do this to set me up? Perhaps he had done so under someone else’s order.”

Then, she flashed a smile at the other woman. “Aunty Sonya, what a coincidence to see all of you here early in the morning.”

Sonya’s lips twitched. She no longer knew what else to say.

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