Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 96

Wesley was not a fool. Last night, Sonya had suddenly returned to the Lyons’ residence. Then somehow, Elder Lyons had suddenly proposed to come to his villa to see the progress of the renovation.

“Miss Jones, this matter was caused by my side and has nothing to do with you, so you can go back first. Once the villa is re-examined, I’ll contact you if we decide to continue with the renovation,” Wesley explained in a warm voice.

“Certainly. I believe you, President Lyons. At the same time, I also have deep sympathy for President Lyons.” Catherine nodded and left with John.

In the villa, Elder Lyons was still bewildered until Wesley went over and said, “Dad, I’ll send you home.”

When he got into the car, he turned around and said to Sonya, “Sis, tell Ethan to come to my office.”

Sonya was stunned. How smart was her younger brother? He already knew everything…

Half an hour later.

In the president of Golden Corporation’s office.

Ethan knocked on the door with apprehension. He never thought that Catherine would install CCTVs in a villa that was under renovation. Was she out of her mind?


Wesley turned from the floor-to-ceiling window and swung a hard slap on his face.

Ethan’s ears buzzed in pain.

Yesterday, his father had hit him on one cheek, and today, his uncle hit him on the other.

“Why?” Ethan could not believe it.

Wesley doted on him the most. No matter what Ethan did, Wesley was always willing to help him, forgive him, and protect him.

“What do you think?” Wesley grabbed his collar, looking utterly disappointed. “You used my villa as a stepping stone just to get back at a girl. Do you even have any respect for me?”

Ethan was unreconciled, and his eyes grew red. “You’re doing this because of Catherine Jones? You hit me because of her?”

“Shut your mouth.” Wesley was furious. “Even now, you have no remorse. Fine, all the proposed partnerships between my corporation and your Lowe Corporation next year will be halted. I’ll also withdraw my investments from some of the previous projects. You’re on your own now.”

“No!” Ethan immediately panicked.

“Uncle Wesley, you can’t do that. All these years, it was because of the Lyons family’s support that my dad doesn’t dare to neglect my mom. That’s the only reason why I could become Lowe Corporation’s successor. If you withdraw your investments, that illegitimate child will definitely take my place.”

“If you knew that much, then why did you have to cross the line?” Wesley said coldly, “If you can buy off my personal assistant today, won’t you be able to buy off the senior management and directors of my company tomorrow?”

“Uncle Wesley, I won’t do that. I wouldn’t dare. I just wanted to teach Catherine Jones a lesson,” Ethan said petulantly.

It would be fine if he had not mentioned it, but now that he had, Wesley could not stop himself from picking up the file on the desk and throwing it at Ethan.

“You want to ruin her reputation just because she revealed your true colors yesterday? You want to put her in jail?”

“That’s not it,” Ethan refuted with a pale face.

“If it’s not, then why did you deliberately make your mom bring your grandfather over? Isn’t it because you wanted to use his influence as pressure? All your crafty plots and schemes are used for dishonest ways. Get out, I don’t want to see you again. Don’t come to my company in the future.”

Wesley directly called for security to drag Ethan out.

For the first time in his life, Ethan was tossed out of Golden Corporation. He was panicking.

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