Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1312

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1312

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1312

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

The Winters family asked, “What?”

Ninian was dumbstruck before she also said, “What?”

He was talking nonsense!

When Adina heard that, she instantly grinned. “Grapie, is

there a suitable girl whom you want to introduce to Alden?”

Meanwhile, Duke frowned. “How can a girl like you

always think about love? Your studies and career are the most important!”

Ninian was tearfully desperate. “I really didn’t do anything…”

She looked askance and glared at Alden, while he

remained calm and did not care about her.

Ninian narrowed her eyes menacingly and revealed her little canine tooth. “I remember now. I do have a

candidate that I can introduce to Alden.”

The Winters family instantly became surprised.

“Grapie, who is it? How’s the girl? Does Alden like her?”

Adina kept asking.



Alden also looked at Ninian and realized that there was a

scheme brewing in his sister’s eyes. His heart skipped a beat, and he thought of something bad.

Ninian continued. “I think Alden likes her. They added each other on WhatsApp a long time ago, right? I t happened that night when I attended a banquet with Hal and even met Rowan Craig.”

The corner of Alden’s lips instantly twitched.

He recalled a strange woman from the entertainment industry accidentally adding him on WhatsApp, a nd she even thought that he was Harold.

At that time, he sensed that something was wrong, so he proceeded to investigate the woman. From there, he found out that Ninian and Harold were behind everything.

This should have ended a long time ago. But when Ninian brought this up, he recalled that when he fou nd the information about the woman, he saw her photo. She had

a face that had undergone cosmetic surgery, and her

breasts were as huge as an exploding watermelon.

Alden’s eyes suddenly felt sore, and the corner of his lips

also twitched.

This brat was really merciless when she exacted revenge.

When Alden saw that his parents and siblings looked at him in a nosy manner, he had to honestly confe ss.

“I like a girl, and I’ve already confessed to her.”



Everyone was instantly shocked.

“Is this real?”

“Does a nerd know how to love?”

“Alden, why did you act so quickly?”

“Who’s that girl? Do we know her? Can we add her on WhatsApp and talk to her? Did she say yes to y our confession? Are you in a relationship?”

Adina asked a few questions continuously, and the Winters family wanted to know the answer to every question.

Alden cleared his throat. When he saw Ninian looking as if she was watching a show, he instantly gritte d his teeth.

“That girl is Grapie’s friend, and her name is Nerola Barlow. You can’t add her on WhatsApp now. You have to wait a little longer because I don’t have her WhatsApp

contact yet.

“Regarding my confession, I just confessed my feelings. to her, and she hasn’t replied yet.”

The Winters family was speechless.

The information already shocked them.

Alden, who made them worry about his relationship the most, fell for a girl suddenly and even confessed

Most importantly, she had not said yes or let him add her on WhatsApp yet.

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Was this not too tragic?

As a man of great ability and influence, he had never

suffered such frustration before.

Would this kid be defeated terribly?

There was deep worry in Adina’s eyes.

“Dear, what can we do?”

Adina sought help from Duke. “How can Al withstand

such a blow?”

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