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Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

When Duke heard what she said, he seemed to have trouble responding. “Are you sure that Al has suffered a blow?”

Based on his understanding of Alden, the brat must have been very confident, and the girl probably could not resist. him.

“He must have!” Adina nodded strongly. “Although

Alden looks strong and indifferent, he’s actually the one who becomes soft–hearted the easiest. If he gets hurt, he’ll keep it to himself. He won’t let us know…”

As Adina spoke, she appeared depressed.

The corner of Duke’s lips twitched.

What should he do when his son left totally different impressions on him and his wife?

In his opinion, if Alden was really hurt, he would secretly exact revenge. He would not keep it to himself and secretly heal.

Yes, this son was the most soft–hearted, but he was also the most cunning and vindictive.

However, Duke dared not say all of this. He could only comfort Adina while he kept motioning at Alden.

This brat was usually the least worrisome. Why was he making his wife sad now?

Receiving his father’s warning, Alden stroked his nose in embarrassment.



Ahem, he did not expect to appear so innocent and pure in his mother’s heart. He really did not want to ruin her perception.

Unfortunately, his father, who always spoiled his wife, would not give him the chance to act pitifully.

Alden had to say, “Mom, that girl didn’t turn me down.”

Adina asked, “What?”

“She didn’t say yes, but she didn’t turn me down either. I’ll pursue her slowly,” Alden said.

“So, are you being treated as a backup?” Adina’s eyes looked even more sorrowful.

“Ahem, no.” Alden did not know whether he should cry or laugh, and he said, “She just found it too sudden, and she was a little shocked.”

Ninian could no longer hold herself back when she saw that Adina looked more puzzled.

“Mommy, don’t listen to Alden. He won’t get hurt. He’s a scheming big bad wolf!” Ninian put her hands on her waist and complained, “Nerola accidentally met Alden once when she sent me off to Mel’s place for treatment last time. Then, Al targeted the young Nerola.

“This time, he used the excuse of picking me up to deceive Nerola to go out for lunch. Then, he suddenly confessed to her, which shocked her.

“They did not add each other on WhatsApp because this was their first official meeting. She didn’t say yes because they’re not familiar with each other at all! On top of confessing, he even said that Nerola can’t be with other men besides him! Don’t you think he’s too cruel and overbearing?

“Mommy, you must believe that Nerola is a good girl. It’s Al who’s too wicked. He’ll bully her! Hmph!”

Right after Ninian said this, everyone in the Winters family looked at Alden with disbelief and disdain.

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“Al, you’re really despicable” Harold seemed shocked.

“Al, I didn’t know that you were such a person. Tsk!”

Melody clicked her tongue as well.

“I agree.” George also took her side.

Meanwhile, Duke’s attitude was like, “See, I knew it,” as he looked at Adina.

After Adina recovered from her shock, she wore a stern expression and seriously said, “Al, you’ve really let me down.”

Alden’s expression changed slightly. “Mom…”

Adina resumed, “You fell for her at first sight, but she didn’t even fall for you after two meetings. What’s wrong with your charm?”

Alden became speechless. Pfft!

The Winters siblings were speechless too.

‘Mom! What are you focusing on?‘

“Tsk! What a pain!” Adina added, “The nerd finally likes someone, but the girl doesn’t even like you. What can you do? Mel and Grapie are in the queue after you. I guess they won’t be able to get married.”

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