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Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

When Nerola heard that, she raised her head and looked at him. Her charming eyes were filled with awe.

It was not a date? So… what was their relationship?

A wealthy young man and a celebrity who was his sugar baby?

If they could not date, were they just flirting?

What did he take her for?

Nerola became conflicted, and inexplicable anger slowly filled her heart.

However, before she could say anything, she heard the man’s low, husky voice above her head.

“Let’s skip the first date,” he said. “We’ll meet my parents directly.‘

Nerola was speechless.

She felt like she was riding on a rollercoaster. Her mood went through ups and downs, preventing her from responding.

Meet… Meet his parents?

Why did he skip straight to this step?

Did he want to bring her to meet his parents, the legendary head and lady of the Winters family?

Would they approve of her status? Would they like her?



Nerola felt as if she had suddenly fallen into an oven, and she was burning.

“Is–Isn’t it too soon?” She stammered, “We–We…”

“Why?” Alden raised their hands while their fingers were interlocked. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Do you plan on not being responsible for me?”

“No…” Nerola felt like crying. “How did we get to this point?”

When Alden saw her panic, he curled his lips and found her amusing.

When he first saw her, she was cold and gorgeous like a queen. Now that she had taken off her disguise, she seemed so real and adorable.

“Even if you’re ugly, you’ll still have to meet them one day. What are you afraid of?” Alden teased her.

“You’re the ugly one!” Nerola glared at him. When she saw his handsome smiling face, she could not scold him anymore.

Alright, he was extremely good–looking.

“Okay, don’t worry,” Alden comforted her. “You’re not the only one who’ll meet your parents–in–law tomorrow. Some people will be shielding you.”

“What?” Nerola raised her head as she looked at him and asked in disbelief. “Are you bringing a few girls home at once?”

Alden became speechless.

Even the strong Alden choked on his words.



The corners of his lips twitched as he pulled her into his arms and hugged her waist tightly. “What nonsense are you thinking about?”

Nerola looked away guiltily. She knew that her imagination had run wild too.

“It’s a family dinner tomorrow. My siblings‘ partners will be present, so my parents‘ focus might be stolen by Mel and Grapie’s partners. They’ll be your shield and face the storm. You just have to watch the show at the back.”

As Alden spoke, he even acted as if he was going to be one of the spectators.

It was sufficient to see how he felt about the two guys who had stolen his sisters.

Nerola understood his meaning and widened her eyes in surprise.

She briefly knew the relationships of his other siblings, particularly Ninian. That girl had been through many ups and downs and experienced a lot of hard times with Everett.

But how could Alden resolutely make his decision and acknowledge her just like that?

“You didn’t ask me to go to a family dinner just to make up the numbers, did you?” Nerola asked.

“Make up the numbers?” Alden pulled her waist closer and asked in a dangerous tone, “Do you think this is making up the numbers too?”

Nerola instantly widened her eyes as she choked on her words.

She could feel Alden’s “changes” near her belly.

“Nerola, I’m a normal man.” Alden stared at her face and firmly said, “When the woman I like is in my arms, it’s impossible for me to not react!”

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He was explaining and confessing at the same time.

He really liked her.

But the way he confessed was too…

Nerola’s face instantly turned red. She pushed him away with great force and moved two steps back. “You… Don’t come over!” she said in alarm.

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