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Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Alden raised his hand and surrendered. He took two steps back, but his eyes were filled with delight.

Once their misunderstanding was solved, he became more straightforward and braver than anyone else. He did not have to be like George, who carried things and dwelled endlessly, or even thought too much about the relationship from the girl’s perspective and behaved in a he thought was good for the girl.

All Alden wanted to do was be resolute.

As long as she did not reject him, he could take one more step forward. As long as she responded, he could even bring her home.

He was about to successfully bring Nerola home after meeting her for the third time.

By the time he blow–dried Nerola’s hair, it was very late.

Alden came from a reputable family, and he was well- mannered. After he raised his hand and glanced at his watch, he said, “Rest early. I’ll go back first.”

Nerola sighed in relief.

Alden raised his eyebrows before he heard her say, “Hang on!”

When Alden looked at her in slight surprise, Nerola quickly ran into the kitchen before she re–entered her room and handed him a huge bag of trash.

“There’s a trash bin downstairs. Bring it down for me! Thank you!”

Alden was speechless.



He took the black trash bag with a complicated expression.

He was Young Master Alden and an international hacking expert. He had done a lot of things, except for throwing trash.

“Turn right after you go downstairs. Remember to sort the trash.”

Alden was at a loss for words.


He had to pamper his woman, so he surrendered to fate.

“Rest well.” Alden turned around and left after he said that.

Right after he left, Nerola closed the door. She quickly walked into her room, jumped onto her bed, and started sending messages.

[The Trio: Nerola: Ninian! Lana!]

[The Trio: Nerola: Help! He flirted with me!]

[The Trio: Nerola: Alden just invited me to the family dinner tomorrow!]

She sent out three messages in quick succession, and someone in the group soon replied.

[The Trio: Lana: Gosh! Harold asked me to attend the family dinner too! Help, is it still possible for me to run away now?]

[The Trio: Nerola: Let’s hold each other and cry.]

The two of them chatted for a while, but Ninian stayed offline and never showed up.



Nerola and Lana did not know that Ninian had already jumped over the courtyard wall and run toward Everett’s house at this time.

“Baby! I successfully broke out of prison! Come and pick me up now!”

Everett heard the girl’s happy voice through WhatsApp Audio, while he was discussing work with Duncan in the study. He was so shocked that he staggered.

He knew how strict the Winters family was when it came to guarding Ninian. The girl’s so–called jailbreak must have been difficult and dangerous.

She was really bold too.

Her parents were there. Not to mention, three of her brothers and her sister were also watching her. Even so, she still dared to run away.

She had caused a complete mess.

“Duncan, I…”

“Hurry on.” Duncan flashed him an understanding smile and said, “I’ll handle the company work. Go and deal with your little sweetheart.”

Everett pursed his lips and nodded before he quickly walked out of the study. He walked so quickly that he nearly bumped into the housekeeper who was approaching the room with coffee.

“Oh, gosh! What’s wrong with Young Master Everett?

Why is he so flustered?”

Duncan smiled faintly. “He’s rushing to meet his girlfriend.”

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“Hey! Meet his girlfriend? It’s great to meet his girlfriend! Haha!” The housekeeper also grinned.

Meanwhile, in the Winters family’s mansion, Duke became furious when he realized that Ninian had escaped.

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