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Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Before heading out, Ninian prepared some money for transport.

She got into the car of a beautiful and rich lady before she left the high–end housing area. Then, she blended into a crowd, entered a subway station, and soon, she started traveling.

‘Daddy might be smart, but he’ll never expect me to take the subway.‘

When she reached her destination, she took her phone to call Everett. But suddenly, someone snatched her phone from behind.

“Huh?!” Ninian shrieked in shock. She turned and was greeted by Everett’s voice.

“Shh.” He gestured to her to be quiet as he fiddled with her phone. He disabled its location tracker and signal.

Then, he put his arms around her, shielding her from the crowd. They then headed to a more secluded part of the subway to leave the area.

Ninian rarely felt this excited in her life. She was exhilarated.

Everett took her to a remote alley. Her eyes lit up as she said, “Honey, are we filming a spy war drama?”

He looked around, and, after confirming that it was safe, he looked at her.

He raised his hand and flicked her forehead. He spoke as he glanced at her. “Why are you so reckless? How can you run from home just like that? What if something dangerous happens to you?”

She cradled her forehead in pain and said sadly, “I just wanted to surprise you.”



“Are you sure you’re not just trying to scare me?” he said, “How can you run away on a whim? What if you met a bad person? Your parents are at home when you snuck out. Are you trying to make them hate me?”

‘I’ll be going to the Winters family’s mansion for dinner tomorrow. I’m still unsure what will happen to me tomorrow, and this girl is just making matters worse.‘

“Don’t worry!” Ninian giggled. Her eyes lit up and said, I’m sure you can handle it. It’s just a trivial case!”

He fell speechless.

‘She looks so beautiful when she smiles. How can I refuse?

“Alright, but don’t ever act so recklessly again, understand?” He said as he caressed her long hair.

“Eh, it’s fine. This isn’t my first time, anyway.” Ninian pouted.

‘I’ve been escaping from “jail” ever since I was young. I may look like an obedient little princess, but I’m actually the most rebellious person in my family.

‘It’s not my fault that they pampered and spoiled me so much.‘

“What?” Everett looked at her.

“Nothing.” She raised her hands in surrender and said with a smile, “I promise I’ll do whatever you say!”

He relaxed. Then, he grabbed her hand tightly and left together.

“Where are we going?” Ninian asked.


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“We’ll go meet Zayn and Amber.” He said, “Your father will definitely look into the reason behind why you snuck out. When he finds out you’re working, he might give you a lighter punishment.”

“Wow, you’re thinking so far ahead!” She praised him.

‘I might be shameless and am used to being punished by my parents. But who wouldn’t be happy to be protected like this?‘

She giggled and followed him as they headed toward a cafe.

Although both wore masks and covered most of their faces, their height, appearance, clothing, and demeanor still attracted people’s attention. Plenty of people soon turned around to look at them.

They looked extremely cautious, too, making them look like the protagonists in a spy war drama who were on a mission.

Many people took photos and posted them on the Internet, attracting waves of attention.

In the cafe, Zayn and Amber had already booked a room.

They would get down to business once Everett and Ninian arrived.

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