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Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

“Ninian, you said you wanted to develop your career, right? Mr. Barnes and I have shortlisted some fairly good movies and TV shows for you to choose from. Do you want to see the list now?” Amber took the initiative and asked Ninian.

Ninian put on a serious expression when she heard this. ” Yes, please.”

Amber and Zayn exchanged glances and got down to business.

“So far, we have five scripts, two TV shows, and three movies in mind. These five scripts are very good, be it concerning the production team, the script characters, or the intellectual property work. They are works that will get loads of viewership. In fact, they might even be ranked as the top most– viewed shows of the month.

“It’s a literary film directed by a famous director who’s ready to win awards with it. Another one is a cultural drama where most of the veteran actors are involved in it, which is good to increase your career status. There is also a spy war drama, which tests a lot of an actor’s basic acting skills. You need to have absolute depth and connotation in your acting.

“As for TV shows, one of them is an adaptation of a major electronic literature novel with a great female protagonist. The original novel itself has a strong fan base. As for the other one, it’s a remake of a famous martial arts drama with a strong patriotic theme.

“Think about it and let us know which one you prefer.”

After Amber briefly summed it up and let Ninian make the decision.

Ninian went through the scripts on the table and skimmed through them briefly. She then pointed at the movie script and said, “I want to try this.”



Everyone at the table raised their eyebrows, feeling shocked.

She chose the one that they had been least expecting – the spy war drama.

This drama would be tough, as it challenged an actor’s skills. Could a delicate little princess like her do it?

“Mr. Barnes, Ms. Ward, I know about your concerns and doubts, but please, believe me, I’ll do my best to start what I finish and will never hold the crew back,” she said firmly.

“Ms. Winters, we all know that you have talent and are focused on your work, but aren’t you being a little too impatient?” Zayn said pointedly, “If this film does not go well, not only would you be violently attacked by netizens, but it may also affect your future network in the entertainment industry. Are you sure you still want to take up this challenge?”

Ninian stayed silent and pursed her lips.

‘Zayn is right in terms of practicality. I may have been a little too impatient to make this decision.

‘After all, as a newcomer in this industry, I’ve only filmed one TV series as a supporting actress. To instantly take a huge step and choose to film a spy war drama movie might be a little too overwhelming.

‘My acting skills might not be competent enough for this.

‘Moreover, my identity has recently attracted a lot of fans on the Internet. My reputation on the internet will plummet instantly if the netizens find out that I’m using my identity as a privilege to get a role as a protagonist in a big–budget drama.

‘Popularity is the most mysterious phenomenon, and the hardest thing to protect.

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‘In the future, my stress level will definitely increase, and this may affect my future path.

‘Zayn and Amber will never agree to this decision. They’ll probably prefer to pave my path to success with a safer, proven method.‘

Seeing that Zayn and Amber had disagreed with her decision, she pursed her lips and looked at Everett.

“Everett, what do you think? Should I stick to this drama series?”

Amber and Zayn gave him a pleading look.

After all, he was the only person who could persuade the little princess of the Winters family.

He looked at Ninian and asked, “Do you really want to try filming this drama?”

She nodded.

He then said, “Okay, choose this one, then.”

Ninian was overjoyed.

Zayn and Amber shook their heads.

‘I knew it!

‘He has always done things his way!‘

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