The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 128

Chapter 128 I Call the Shots

“Molly likes you a lot, so she must’ve
uploaded your information into Tigger’s
brain, hence this reaction. By the way, she’s
also in J&L’s research team, so you’ll. be able
to meet her in a while.”
Maverick nonchalantly tossed Tigger to
Nicole, who carefully caught it.
“rigger, let’s go see Molly!”
“I want The Great God to hold me…” Tigger
struggled in Nicole’s arms and asked

Nicole could never refuse any of its
requests, so she caught up to Maverick. ”
Second Brother…”
Maverick was used to seeing such AI robots
and was clearly not as obsessed as Nicole
because he did not have much emotion to
things he could manufacture. For him, it
was just a machine.
When they arrived at J&L’s lab, Tigger
immediately became the crowd’s focus.

“Little Traitor, did you miss us?”
Tigger held his head high and gave a
haughty grunt. “Who are you people?”
The crowd was speechless.
After that, someone took Tigger to Molly
Stewart, Gerard Lichman then led their
group of seven to the predetermined
On the way there, Gerard looked back at
Maverick from time to time and said, “This
gentleman looks a bit familiar…”

Before Nicole had a chance to introduce
him, Maverick spoke, “My name is Sunner. I
don’t know you.”
Gerard nodded and raised his eyebrows. He
did not seem offended by that and said, “Is
he a recent graduate? Never mind, he must
be good since you brought him.”
Nicole did not take the initiative to mention
that she wanted to send Maverick to the
core R&D team. She was not interested in
io their trade secrets, but as long as she could
grasp the latest developments, she had

Therefore, Maverick’s identity need not be
As soon as she got out of the car, Nicole saw
a group of people walking towards them.
Eric Ferguson looked cold and noble as he
led a group of seven or eight people.
Gerard stepped forward and said, “It’s a
coincidence that the three parties in charge
of this project are the three of us bosses!

Mr. Ferguson, it’s rare that you’re personall
leading your team this time.”
As soon as she heard this, Nicole was
However, this was business, so she had to
look at the big picture.
Eric’s gaze faintly swept over Nicole and
landed on Gerard. I’ve seen the location.
make my own arrangements for other
necessities. Since everyone’s here, let’s
Nicole went in with no intention of greeting

Eric glanced to the side and watched her
departing back meaningfully.
Gerard went up and patted Eric’s shoulder,
smiling playfully.
*Don’t look. She’s now President Nicole and
is more unlikely to look back. You, on the
other hand… Are you starting to regret it?’
Eric’s cold gaze swept over Gerard. His tone
was stern as he said, “Mind your own
Gerard laughed and shook his head. “Do you
dare to say that your personal involvement
in this project is not because of her?”

At first, Gerard did not think that the two
exes would get back together, but since that
day when Eric asked him to invite Nicole
out for a meal in his stead, he sensed that
something was wrong.
Afterward, he felt that his thought was a bit
outrageous. Why would Eric Ferguson go
back to an ex?
Gerard then dismissed this idea.
However, seeing Eric here at this moment

made him doubtful again.
The two men walked side by side. Eric
frowned slightly and asked, “Do you have
the list of people who are representing
Stanton Corporation?”
Gerard sent it to Eric on his phone. This
information was not confidential anyway.
“Sunner? Do you know who this is?”
Gerard casually replied, “A fresh grad, I

Eric hooked his lips in silence and did not
speak again.
`Nicole is really capable to get a national-
level expert to participate in a business
project, and so easily at that! How
unexpected!’ Eric thought.
Eric had also intended to poach Maverick to
participate in this project. With Maverick
involved, this project was a sure win!
He thought, ‘I guess it’s a coincidence…’
Gerard found it strange that Eric Ferguson

would pay attention to a student.
When they got to the conference room, Eric
saw Nicole and Sunner leaning closely
together while talking, which made him
His heart also felt extremely uncomfortable.
Eric’s eyebrows had a hint of annoyance as
he went in with a gloomy face. He walked in
big strides and sat down opposite Nicole.
Seeing this, Gerard immediately understood.
Gerard sat down on the main seat and
paused for a moment.

“On behalf of J&L. Corporation, I’d like to
officially welcome the arrival of our two
partners. With regards to this research
project, Ferguson Corporation has already
sent their people to participate in the follow-
up works. Ms. Stanton, who do you plan to
have to represent your side?”
Nicole smiled and looked at Maverick, who
was next to her.
“Sunner, leave this to you.”
Nicole gently grabbed Maverick’s sleeve,

which was a little habit of hers.
Maverick then patted the back of her hand
with familiarity.
Eric noticed their actions, so his brow
furrowed even deeper.
Gerard nodded. “Okay, he can get
acquainted with Molly Stewart in a
Eric suddenly questioned their decision in a
cold voice. “Not everyone is qualified to
participate in this.”
Nicole lifted her eyelids insouciantly. “I call
the shots here.”

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