The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 146

Nicole sneered. ‘Does Ingrid think that I ‘m easy to fool? Does she think that her apology is worth a lot? I won’t even care if she kneels to apologize! ‘

Ingrid was shocked by Nicole’s words.

She froze for a moment and instantly lost her momentum.

Ingrid almost forgot that Nicole was now the capable and powerful CEO and heiress of Stanton Corporation.

Nicole could even exert pressure on Ferguson Corporation and was no longer the pushover that Ingrid could bully at will back then.

“Nicole, you… What kind of attitude is this? I said that I ‘m here to apologize, so why do you have no manners at all?“

Ingrid gritted her teeth. ‘I’ve already come here and done my part. It’s Nicole’s problem if she doesn’t accept it!’

Nicole looked down at the time and called the internal landline. “Have security come up to escort Ms. Ferguson out.“

While Ingrid was staring at Nicole with a shocked gaze, Nicole added, “In the future, don’t let her step foot in Stanton Tower.“

“Nicole! How could you?! “ Ingrid’s face turned red with anger. ‘If word got out that I was kicked out, how could I still survive in this circle?! Grandpa and Brother would definitely think that I provoked Nicole first!’

The bottom of Nicole’s eyes was icy cold.

“Why can’t I? Ingrid Ferguson, you should learn how to apologize to others first.“

The security guards had arrived. Logan knocked on the door and came in, then looked at Ingrid

Ferguson with an austere face. “Ms. Ferguson, please.“

Ingrid was incredibly vexed. She gritted her teeth and glared at Nicole before she stomped out of Nicole’s office.

As soon as Ingrid stepped outside Stanton Tower, she regretted it. ‘How am I supposed to explain this to Grandpa and Brother later? I shou1d’ve just put up with Nicole! ‘

Ingrid was antsy on the way back to Ferguson Villa.

As soon as Ingrid went inside, Old Master Ferguson’s teacup came flying at her. Luckily, Ingrid managed to dodge it quickly.

Unfortunately, the teacup shattered into pieces all over the floor.


“You’re such a failure, yet you still dare to come back?“

Old Master Ferguson’s face was extremely glum.

Ingrid pursed her lips and intended to make up a reason for her failed apology. “Nicole…“

“Floyd Stanton called me and said that as soon as you went to Stanton Corporation, you were rude and condescending to Nicole. Ingrid Ferguson, do you even have a brain?! “

Ingrid’s face stiffened.

She did not expect that Nicole would be one step ahead of her to tell her grandfather the situation.

Now, her grandfather naturally would not believe whatever she said.

‘What bad luck to be played by Nicole again! ‘

As expected, Ingrid’s punishment was to kneel at the memorial hall for another night.

After Nicole got off work, Yvette had to drag her to a private party.

Although Nicole was a little tired, she had not let loose in a long time, so she gladly agreed.

Nicole wore a long dark green halter dress with pearls inlaid in the lace. It was very elegant and classy.

She was tall and slim with a nice figure. Even without a necklace, her slender neck looked so graceful. She looked like a femme fatale.

As soon as the two ladies entered the venue, they attracted a lot of attention.

Yvette came up to Nicole’s ear and joked. “If you see anyone you like, just take him home…“

Nicole rolled her eyes at Yvette. “You look interested “Well, it’s all about participation, right?“ Yvette spat out her tongue and added, “I’ll go say hi to the host. You can sit first.“

Nicole nodded and found a secluded place to sit down.

She intended to check the changes in the stock market on her phone when a man decked out in branded clothes and accessories walked towards her with lecherous eyes. He looked like he was flaunting his wealth with all those big brand names.

At first glance, Nicole could tell that he must be an uneducated and incompetent trust fund kid.

He was even looking at her with such a frivolous gaze.

“Ms. Stanton, I’ve heard a lot about you. You’re even more beautiful in person than those photos on the internet…“

Nicole faintly swept him a glance without any expression and nodded as a greeting.

She did not know this guy, so there was no need to exchange pleasantries with him.

Besides, his pick-up line was really lame and old-fashioned!

Seeing that he was ignored, he felt a bit embarrassed. He came here intending to get in Eric Ferguson’s good graces.

At this time, Eric Ferguson and his friends were upstairs talking about Nicole Stanton. Eric was drinking silently and looked very unhappy.

Thinking about Ferguson Corporation’s recent reputation loss caused by Nicole, this trust fund kid thought that Eric was probably mad about this.

Thus, he thought that if he could use this opportunity to teach Nicole a lesson, he would be able to please Eric.

Perhaps if Eric was happy with his performance, Eric would even cooperate with his family business!

At the thought of this, his guts got even bigger.

The trust fund kid stared at Nicole lewdly. “Ms. Stanton, let me buy you a drink?“

He took a glass of wine and handed it to Nicole.

Nicole glanced at the glass of wine indifferently and had no intention to extend her hand.

She raised her eyes and looked at that trust fund kid. “I don’t drink.“

It was a straightforward refusal.

Nicole would not accept drinks from just anyone.

Moreover, the man in front of her was annoying to look at.

The trust fund kid was obviously a little offended and laughed sarcastically. “Ms. Stanton, with your strong career woman persona, how can you not drink with all the socializing you do? Are you just looking down on me?“

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