The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 147

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 147

The trust fund kid had such a contemptuous attitude when he hinted that Nicole was just faking her strong persona and that she was in fact weak on the inside.

Nicole’s so -called domineering boss lady persona was just a front.

She was just a divorced trust fund baby, so what was there to be proud of?

Nicole’s face was indifferent. The corners of her lips gently hooked up into a mocking arc.

Her voice was extremely cold as she said, “Yes, I am looking down on you! “

Under the light, Nicole looked so bright and glamorous.

She only needed to give that man one look without any other expression to kill his ego.

‘Who the hell does he think he is? He doesn’t even deserve my time of day! ‘ Nicole thought.

Nicole did not want to stay here for another second and immediately stood up intending  to find Yvette.

Many people around them noticed  the commotion.

The trust fund kid was ashamed and embarrassed when he saw that Nicole ignored him. He was so angry  that he went up to grab her arm and cursed.

“Nicole, do you really think that you’re all that? You’re just a woman who was kicked out of the Ferguson family! Do you think you’re so valuable as a divorced woman? It’s your blessing that someone is willing to buy you a drink. Who are you pretending to put on airs for? Tell me, how much does it cost to buy you a drink? I have plenty of money…“

Before he could finish his sentence, a glass of wine was splashed on his face.

Nicole acted so fast that he did not even notice that the glass of wine in her hand was empty.

Every single drop was splashed on his face. The dark liquid dripped down his wretched head.

Nicole rubbed her arm. Her gaze was extremely cold. “We’re in the twenty-first century. Since your

mouth is so foul, you ought to wash it. Also, who are you to buy me a drink?“

Nicole snickered and shook her head, then sized up his flashy getup.

His outfit looked expensive, but the true elites would never wear brands that showed off their value at a glance.

“You can’t afford it…“

Compared to the exasperated trust fund kid in front of her, Nicole was a queen who would reject anyone.

She smiled arrogantly and looked so unattainable with the kind of innate noble aura.

Her temperament was absolutely overpowering.

The trust fund kid felt a rage in his chest and almost lost control of his reasoning. ‘So many people were watching, yet Nicole dared to treat me like this?!’

These trust fund kids always had people licking their boots and always had their way wherever they went because their families were wealthy.

If he admitted defeat this time, he would become the laughing stock of the gentry circle!

How dare a woman that Eric Ferguson abandoned be so arrogant?

“I’ll teach you a lesson, b*tch! “

The trust fund kid gritted his teeth and raised his arm to slap Nicole’s pretty face.

Unexpectedly, before he managed to slap her, a tall figure suddenly rushed to the front and dragged Nicole to the back.

The trust fund kid was heavily kicked in the chest.

He stumbled back and fell to the ground, then he curled up in pain and wailed miserably.

The hand that was yanking Nicole’s wrist was slender and beautiful, like a work of art.

A familiar yet strange smell that was tainted with a faint smell of alcohol enveloped her.

Nicole had been fascinated with this smell countless times before.

She wanted to get closer but dared not approach.

At this moment, Nicole only wanted to retreat quickly and run away.

That man was Eric Ferguson.

His tall figure towered over her as he stood in front of her. Nicole quickly broke away from his large hand

after seeing his face clearly.

She took a step back and kept her distance from him.

When Eric realized this, his eyebrows knitted together, and he felt a little lost.

However, he hid it quickly.

At this time, Keith came over in a hurry and looked at Eric as well as the trust fund kid on the ground.

Keith was very surprised. “Anson, are you insane?! “

Anson’s family only had a small business that was not very well-known in Atlanta.

‘How dare he mess with Nicole and even attempt to hit her?!’

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