The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 148

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 148

When the crowd saw this, they were all secretly surprised.

It was rumored that Eric Ferguson and Nicole Stanton were at odds for a long time.

If that was the case, why did this ex-husband rush out to defend Nicole when she was in danger?

Yvette heard the commotion and ran over in a panic. She sized up Nicole and asked, “Are you alright?“

Nicole calmly nodded without the slightest bit of fear.

She was already prepared.

With her fighting skills, even if no one stepped in to help her, that trust fund kid would not be able to touch a hair on her head.

It was just that Eric’s appearance was too unexpected.

The trust fund kid lying on the ground slowly returned to his senses. Although he was in pain, he had no choice but  to grit his teeth and bear with it.

He did not know that Keith was speaking, so he did not think that the person who kicked him would be Eric Ferguson.

Before he could open his eyes, he shouted furiously, “Who dares to meddle in my business?! “

‘Someone still dares to help Nicole? What a dimwit!’ At this moment, his face was so distorted from the pain, as if his internal organs had been displaced. It was so painful that he gasped for air.

Keith laughed in exasperation.

“Anson, open your bloody eyes wide and take a look. Do you have a death wish?“

Usually, Anson would act so cowardly in front of Keith and Eric, yet he was so bold to scold them now?

This was really unexpected!

This time, Anson could finally recognize Keith’s voice. ‘Isn’t that Keith Ludwig who’s often around Eric Ferguson?“

The trust fund kid’s body shook. He opened his eyes to look at the person in front of him.

Eric’s eyes were cold and deep as he glared at him. It was very intimidating and frightening.

Anson could not care less about the pain he felt and quickly crawled to Eric’s feet.

He respectfully and nervously said, “Mr. Ferguson, why are you here?“

‘It shou1dn’t be! Didn’t Eric hate Nicole? Why would he stand up for her?’

It was too late to think about that much, so Anson hurriedly made his position clear.

“Mr. Ferguson, it’s a misunderstanding! I just want to teach this insensitive woman a lesson. She’s repeatedly slandered your reputation by spreading rumors online! She’s simply despicable! You can ignore it because you’re a magnanimous person, but as your friend, I really can’t stand it anymore and want her to know her place! “ Anson only did this for Eric’s sake.

As soon as his words left his mouth, he received another heavy kick on his chest. His face instantly turned pale from the pain.

Eric’s eyes were cold and sunken. He was expressionless as he said, “Who the hell are you? “

Keith Ludwig heard this and immediately ran to Nicole to clear any relationship between Eric and Anson.

“We don’t know him! Eric doesn’t know him at all, and this has nothing to do with Eric. Anson did this on his own. Nicole… D-Don’t misunderstand this, okay?“

Keith knew that Eric had no intention of getting into another conflict with Nicole.

From the time Eric handed Wendy Quade over to the police, Keith knew that Eric had fallen head over heels for Nicole.

It was just that Eric himself did not even figure it out yet.

Therefore, Keith felt that he needed to stand up for Eric to explain this to Nicole clearly.

‘Not everyone can be friends with Eric! This shameless Anson! ‘ Keith thought.

When Nicole heard Keith’s words, she smiled under everyone’s watchful gaze.

However, her smile was icy.

“There’s no need to explain. It’s not the first time Mr. Ferguson’s friends came to me looking for trouble anyway. Mr. Ludwig, didn’t you do the same back then?“

‘What’s the use of explanations anyway? Do they think that they can cut off any connection with a few sentences? Do they want me to be grateful to them? I’m not a fool and certainly won’t believe that they’re so kind as to help me!’

Keith felt guilty and kept quiet because he did not know how to refute Nicole.

In the past three years when Eric was forced into marriage with Nicole, Keith did find a lot of trouble with Nicole.

Keith was not much better than Anson in that sense. He was indeed in no position to refute Nicole’s words.

‘She’s so ruthless! ‘ Keith thought.

Keith subconsciously glanced at Eric, who was standing in front with a straight back.

Eric’s hands at his side were tightly clenched, so much so that his veins were bulging out.

Keith knew that Eric must be very angry at this moment.

Anson was still rolling on the ground in pain, looking pale and miserable.

“Mr. Ferguson, I’m just thinking of you. I didn’t know that you’re still interested in this woman. Had I known earlier, I wouldn’t dare to do this even if someone gave me the guts to!”

Anson thought that Eric might still be interested in Nicole. Otherwise, Eric would not treat him like this.

All Anson wanted to do now was smash his head on the wall. If he had known this, he would dare to get involved with this woman. Keith was stunned and could not help but speak out. “ Shut up, Anson! Who are you to talk over here? Who are you to meddle in Eric’s affairs? You don’t want to live in Atlanta anymore, do you? Dumb*ss!”

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