The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 149

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 149

Nicole snickered from the side and thought, ‘What a great show today! Simply wonderful!’

Only, she was not in the mood to watch this performance any longer.

It was a waste of time to continue watching another second of it.

Nicole looked at Yvette and said, “Let’s go somewhere else. Seeing these irritating fools really affects my mood.“

The only person she did not want to see was Eric Ferguson.

Yvette knew what Nicole was thinking. She was originally regretting her decision of bringing Nicole here, but as soon as she heard Nicole’s proposal, she immediately nodded her head in agreement.

Nicole took her purse, turned on her heels, and strutted out of the venue.

She did not care about all those prying eyes who were watching the drama.

‘They can just keep watching Eric’s performance!’ Nicole thought.

Yvette went to get the car while Nicole waited at the entrance.

Nicole was looking down at her toes. The night breeze was slightly chilly.

Suddenly, she heard the familiar sound of heavy footsteps, but she did not turn around.

“Nicole.“ The man’s voice was deep, mellow, and extremely familiar. “Wendy Quade has been punished. I wonder if we can… Be friends?“

Eric walked to Nicole’s side and looked at her with a complicated gaze.

This was the first time that Eric Ferguson had ever taken the initiative to make friends with a woman.

It would certainly be the talk of the town if word got out.

Eric felt guilty and sorry toward Nicole, so he wanted her to at least give him a chance to make amends.

Wendy was no longer an obstacle between them, and their misunderstanding had been cleared. After finding out Wendy’s true character, Eric felt even more ashamed and remorseful toward Nicole.

Hearing that, Nicole raised her eyes to glance sideways at him. She raised her eyebrows and spoke sarcastically, “I’m very picky about making friends. Mr. Ferguson, you don’t meet my standards of a friend, so just forget it.“

Eric’s body stiffened for a while.

He could hear the rejection in Nicole’s words.

Not to mention friends, Nicole did not even want to greet him in passing.

“Mr. Ferguson, don’t tell me that you think I only hate you so much because of Wendy Quade, right? That without her, I’ll accept and forgive you?“

The corners of Nicole’s lips hooked up into a playful smile.

Eric’s expression became stiff and gradually sank.

He suppressed the uncomfortable feeling in his chest.

His voice was cold and deep as he asked Nicole. “ What do you mean?“

‘Is it not because of that? I’ve already explained that I have nothing to do with Wendy Quade. Why am I worthless to her? Is there not even a chance of reconciliation between us?’ Eric thought.

Nicole raised her eyebrows. The corners of her lips still had a cold smile.

What an irony!

“To be honest, I think that you’re a horrible person. While you were married, you didn’t hesitate to hurt your wife in exchange for someone else’s girlfriend’s happiness. How did you even manage to do that? Is it just to show your high morals? Don’t even talk to me about friendship. What do I care? I was the one who donated blood. I was the one who was slandered and defamed. I was the one who wasted three years of my youth! Why am I obliged to bear the consequences of all this for you? Don’t you find it repulsive? Between us, it has never been about Wendy Quade, but you, Eric Ferguson! “

Nicole’s smile faded by the time she finished her monologue, and there was a chill in the bottom of her eyes.

Eric Ferguson was the one who killed all her passion and affection with his own hands.

‘He wants me to feel grateful to him and get back together with him just because he said he had nothing to do with Wendy Quade? Dream on!’

Nicole turned around without even looking at him, then strutted away in her heels.

Eric stood there frozen in place. He could feel a bone- seeping chill from Nicole.

‘Am I not even qualified to approach her?’ Eric thought.

He felt that Nicole had completely jumped out of his control and seemed to be beyond his grasp.

For some reason, this feeling made him panic. Yvette’s car was parked not far away waiting for her.

Once Nicole got into the car, she expressionlessly fastened her seat belt.

Yvette saw Eric Ferguson and snorted in disdain. “ What does he want with you?“

Nicole hooked the corner of her lips. “He wants to be friends.“

“Hah! Is he even worthy?“

“Of course not! “ Nicole raised her eyebrows righteously.

Looking at the man’s figure getting smaller in the rearview mirror, Nicole suddenly felt a little meaningless.

As soon as Nicole got home, she called Logan.

Her voice was cold as she said, “There’s a trust fund kid called Anson. I don’t care what his family does for a living, but as soon as I open my eyes tomorrow, I want to hear news of his family’s bankruptcy and disappearance from this circle.”

Logan did not know what happened earlier. This was the first time Nicole used Stanton Corporation’s power to crush another company.

“Yes, President Nicole.”

Logan thought, ‘I guess I’ll have to work overtime again tonight…’

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