The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 159

Chapter 159 Her Love Triangle

Gerard Lichman walked over to Nicole excitedly. He was glowing with delight.

“Nicole, we’ve decided to hold a press conference tomorrow to announce this good news that we’re at the forefront of the whole world in medical technology!” Nicole had the same idea for fear of worrying about someone getting ahead of them.

She chuckled and was affected by Gerard’s high spirits. It was as if she did not overhear Gerard’s conversation with Eric earlier.

“Good. I’ll be there on time.” “Sunner, do you want to join?” Gerard was looking forward to it.

Maverick’s name could push this project even further to the top of the pyramid. Maverick shook his head in refusal.

is attitude was clear. Gerard felt disappointed, but he did not dare to force this god-level genius. Eric’s dark eyes were staring intently at Nicole’s arm.

It was rare for him not to be agitated over this. However, Nicole did not care. “How’s your wound? Shall we postpone the press conference?” Eric looked at her.

His breathing slowed all of a sudden Nicole raised her eyebrows and looked at him. The corners of her curved lips were cold. “Can’t die just yet.

Thanks for your concern, Mr. Ferguson ‘Quit that act! How ridiculous!’ Nicole thought. She then blinked at Maverick, who was by her side. “Shall we go home?” Maverick nodded, draped the coat that he hung on his arm over Nicole, and patiently buttoned it up for her.

Although the coat was big on Nicole, it made her look so cute and playful This scene shocked Gerard. How can a god’s hand that can churn out miracles be used to button a coat?!’ Eric was dissed by Nicole and could hear the coldness and sarcasm in her words.

His heart sank slightly. His face was already glum, so when he saw Maverick and Nicole looking so intimate, Eric’s brow furrowed deeper. ‘Home? What kind of relationship are they in that she’d say, “let’s go home”?!’ His heart exuded a slight chill.

“Do you need me to send you both separately?” Eric suddenly asked. Even Gerard was surprised by this. ‘Mr. Ferguson is going to be a driver for someone? Unbelievable!’ Nicole rolled her eyes at him.

“You’re not going the same way as us.” ‘She used ‘us’ and clearly drew a line with me!’ Eric’s face instantly became taut and gloomy.

Nicole and Maverick left without another word. Eric watched as the pair disappeared and was so angry that he could not utter a word! His face was completely red.

Gerard could not restrain the smile on his face. ‘Haha! I guess I got an answer to my question just now. Tsk, tsk… what a duplicitous man…’ However, Gerard did not expose Eric.

He collected his expression and added fuel to the fire as he said lightly, “It looks like the two of them are living together, huh?” Gerard was deliberately stabbing Eric’s heart with his words.

Eric could not bear to face Gerard for a moment longer. He coldly snorted and stormed out. Having experienced so much that night, Nicole felt exhausted as soon as she returned home.

She plopped on her bed and immediately fell asleep. The next morning, the blinding light from outside spilled in through the muslin curtains. Nicole was still a bit reluctant to open her eyes, but her constantly ringing phone urged her to wake up.

She looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Julie Nixon Nicole sighed and thought, ‘Why can’t my friends let me sleep in?!’ She picked up the call with a lazy and hoarse morning voice.

“Jules, what’s up?” “News of you being Fabian’s sugar mama is already flying all over the place, yet you’re still in the mood to sleep?” “What? I’m Fabian’s sugar mama?!” Nicole’s eyes widened.

They only met for the first time yesterday. Julie laughed gloatingly. “Someone edited the video of Fabian’s speech yesterday and even involved Kai in it! Your love triangle is probably made into a novel by now.

Guess who did it?” Nicole helplessly held her forehead. ‘Is there still a need to guess? Last night, the one who liked to provoke me was Ines Xavier, that ugly b*tch! As the daughter of Gemini Entertainment’s boss, it was as easy as a snap of a finger to spread some rumors on the internet and defame a person.

“It’s Ines Xavier, right?” “Bingo!” Nicole jumped out of bed in anger and snorted coldly. “I’m supposed to make big money today and she dares to give me trouble? I’ll get her killed!” Those who stood in the way of Nicole making money must suffer!

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