The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 160

Chapter 160 I’ll Bury Him

After hanging up the call with Julie, Nicole immediately called Logan.

“Is it too late to acquire a company before the press conference?” Logan paused for a moment to digest that question.

“It depends on the size of said company…” ‘Is President Nicole addicted to acquiring companies now?’ “Gemini Entertainment.”

‘That’s not as easy as Anson’s company a few days ago, but…’ “The formalities are a bit tedious and will take a few days, but… We already have 16% of their shares in our hands.

Second Young Master’s Falcon Entertainment has 30% of their shares, so if you can purchase five percent, you can become the largest shareholder and become the person in command.” In other words, that would be no different from an acquisition.

Nicole nodded in satisfaction. “Okay. Do it as soon as possible.” After that, she hung up the phone. She dressed her wound, then made herself a sandwich without haste while she looked at today’s trending topic that she was undoubtedly in [Fabian likes President Nicole’s type! Me too! ] [I’d spit on any two-timer, but if it’s Nicole, I think she’s so cool!] [Kai’s so jealous! Hahahaha…] [Suddenly I think she’s quite a good match with Fabian! They look so cute together! [Isn’t Fabian underage? Is that even legal…?] [I heard that Gemini Entertainment is gonna defame Fabian.

Sugar Mama Nicole, save your baby!] Nicole laughed lightly and threw her phone aside.

Everyone was just dramatizing everything. After breakfast, Nicole was not in a hurry to go to the office.

Instead, she went to Falcon Entertainment Since she was acquiring Gemini Entertainment, someone had to take care of the routine tasks for her, and Dominic Young was a suitable man for this job.

When Nicole got to the lobby, she saw Ines Xavier decked out in big brand names. She had the word “expensive” written all over her and acted all high and mighty.

Ines was the typical incompetent trust fund kid that squandered her family’s money abroad and acted smug just because she had spent time in a foreign country. In fact, she could not even speak any foreign language fluently.

Nicole truly wondered where Ines got her confidence from. Nicole wanted to ignore Ines, but Ines was quite excited to see Nicole and shouted at her.

“Nicole, are you here so early in the morning to ask for help? You want Dominic Young to help you with your PR?” Ines’ face was distorted from smiling so widely. She could not hide the smug look in her eyes Nicole paused for a moment.

Her eyes flickered as she looked at Ines with a smirk. “What does it have to do with you? Since when do you have the right to speak in Falcon Entertainment?” Ines looked at Nicole with resentment.

She remembered how Eric Ferguson had left her behind to go after Nicole and felt even more exasperated. Her smile faded. She let out a cold grunt and said, “No one in the whole entertainment industry dares to offend me.

I came here just to make matters worse! No matter how powerful you are, you’re only limited to your company! The consequence of you offending me is that you’ll be berated by everyone online to the point that you doubt your life! Understand?” Nicole raised her eyebrows and folded her arms as she tapped her fingers on her arm.

Her tone became somewhat cold. “So… You’re the one who spread the rumor that I’m Fabian’s sugar mommy? Ms. Xavier, are you purposely slandering me?” Ines lifted her chin smugly. Her insufferable look was very annoying.

“This is just to teach you a lesson. Don’t be too self-righteous. Do you think that the whole world likes you? Didn’t Fabian say that he admires you? I want to bury him when he’s at his highest peak! I want everyone to know who’s really in charge here!” Ines was not afraid of Nicole.

Three years ago, Nicole stole Eric Ferguson from her, so Ines wanted revenge now! This was just to pull Nicole off her high horse. ‘Let’s see how long Nicole can be smug for! Ines thought.

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