The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 161

Chapter 161 You Can Be the Lead Villain

Hearing this, Nicole lowered her head and laughed lightly She did not show a trace of panic or fear from Ines Xavier’s threat. It was as if those words were insignificant and nothing more than a ridiculous joke.

When Ines was about to explode from anger, Nicole slowly said in a dull voice, “Ms. Xavier, are you only treating me like this because of Eric Ferguson?” Having her thoughts exposed, Ines panicked for a moment but quickly calmed down.

There was no need for her to hide her affection for Eric in front of Nicole. “It’s good that you know. Since you’re already divorced, get the hell out of here and stop hanging around him! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being cruel.”

Nicole looked askance at Ines and laughed coldly Date ‘Ines is really overthinking this, huh?’ “I’ve never had the habit of turning back to pick up trash.

You should tell him not to hang around me instead!” ‘Why do all women have to be so obsessed with Eric Ferguson? Is he even worthy? I was so blind in the past, but luckily, I won’t repeat my mistake!’ “You–” Ines’ face turned red with anger.

Nicole’s disdainful attitude had clearly provoked Ines The Nicole in front of her was cold and charmingly beautiful with such a powerful and noble aura. Nicole had innate confidence and beauty that came so easily to her, which made others envious of her.

Ines felt resentful from the bottom of her heart. ‘Why should everything good belong to Nicole? Why does Nicole not care about that person that I yearn for so much? Is she mocking me?! Nicole did not want to babble on with Ines Date because she had a lot of things to do.

She gently turned her head to the side with her cold and proud gaze, then looked askance at Ines’ exasperated face. “You want to bury Fabian? Well, I’m going to promote him.

I want you to know who’s the real boss around here!” Nicole did not need to announce her ability to the world and only targeted Ines alone.’

How dare she offend me?!’ She laughed coldly for a few minutes with gloom in her eyes. ‘We’ll see who’s more capable! “Fine! Do you think I’ll be scared of you?” Ines’ temperament was far inferior compared to Nicole’s.

She felt extremely vexed and irritated and did not want to admit defeat.

“Ms. Xavier, I hope that you’ll still be this confident in a few hours.” Nicole spoke indifferently, then walked into the building after.

Ines followed in unwillingly. Date The receptionist was very respectful to Nicole. “Ms. Stanton, are you here to see Mr. Young? He must be very happy to know that you’re here.”

Nicole nodded. “Since he’s here, I’ll just head upstairs?” The receptionist did not dare to neglect Nicole and immediately went to press the elevator button.

Ines, who was ignored, was very dissatisfied and rebuked the receptionist harshly.

“Are you blind? Can’t you see that I’m right here?” The receptionist was stunned for a moment and immediately spoke seriously, “Which artist are you a fan of? Fans aren’t allowed to come in.

You can wait at the front. Did you not see the signage at the entrance?” Ines was furious. “I’m not a fangirl! I want to find your boss, Dominic Young. Get him to come out and see me!” The receptionist was a bit helpless.

She had seen her fair share of unreasonable people every day, so she was used to it However, she did not expect someone to come and pick a fight so early in the morning.

“Miss, you don’t have the potential to be a celebrity. Why don’t you head back? There are hundreds of people every day wanting to introduce themselves to our boss, but he has no time for all of this.

Our company also has a rule that we won’t accept artists who have done plastic surgery.” That last sentence completely pissed off Ines.

‘How dare she say that I have a plastic face?! My face is so natural that it’s not even obvious I’ve done cosmetic surgery before…’ Ines was just about to lunge at the receptionist in anger when Nicole laughed out loud at the side. This receptionist is hilarious!’ Nicole stood there with a lazy smile as she sized up Ines’ face.

“Ms. Xavier, I think that you can act in a horror movie. I’m sure you’ll be a good lead villain.” Ines felt extremely insulted and shouted at Date Ghooter you can be the ega vaja her in a shrill voice, “Nicole! Don’t think that I won’t dare to touch you! I’ll get someone to beat you up!”

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