The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 162

Chapter 162 Her Father Wouldn’t Dare

Before Ines could finish her sentence, the President’s exclusive elevator arrived downstairs.

Dominic Young walked out of the elevator, scanned the lobby, and spotted Nicole. He breathed a sigh of relief and went up to greet her with a warm smile.

“President Nicole, you can just summon me over the phone.

Why bother making a trip here personally?” Dominic’s cautious and humble attitude to Nicole was not at all like the big shot in showbiz who could turn the tide with a snap of his fingers.

Ines instantly looked irritated and thought that she was high and mighty just because she was the daughter of a giant entertainment company.

“Dominic Young, you…” “Who did you want to beat up just now?” Dominic suddenly spoke. His face was cold, Date and his eyes carried a stern warning Ines froze for a moment and subconsciously panicked a little “Do you know who am I? I’m the daughter of Gemini Entertainment’s boss! If you don’t believe me, ask Nicole!” Ines actually had to rely on Nicole to confirm her identity, but she could not care less at this point.

Nicole smiled and did not say anything. She wanted to watch Ines act on her own and did not want to get involved. Nicole thought, ‘Thanks for the invitation, but no thank you! Dominic sneered and hooked the corners of his lips as he looked at Ines with disdain. “Your father wouldn’t even dare to say that.

You’re quite ballsy, huh?” Ines saw that Dominic Young’s attitude was not as enthusiastic and relaxed as she imagined it to be and instantly lost her confidence.

She had previously thought that her father was on the same level as Dominic, so he should also respect her. However, it did not seem to be the case now. “Mr. Young, I’m here to talk to you about business.”

Ines emphasized the word ” business”. Even so, Dominic did not care about Ines and wanted to get rid of that psycho quickly. “You’re not qualified to talk about business with me and I don’t have time to receive irrelevant people.

Andy, get security to send her out.” “Yes, sir.” The receptionist spoke respectfully. Dominic looked at Nicole and flashed a confident smile. “President Nicole, don’t worry. You’re absolutely safe here with me.”

Nicole nodded and did not seem to care about Ines’ threat at all. ‘She’s not that capable yet. Beat me up? Oh, that’s quite a bold statement!’ Dominic and Nicole went into the elevator one after the other.

Nicole then sent a recording of her encounter with Ines at the entrance to Dominic. Ines probably never imagined that Nicole would have this recorded. “This will be sufficient to clear Fabian’s name.”

Nicole did not want to implicate others in this. Dominic listened to it once. The smile at the corner of his lips slowly widened.

He teased Nicole, “President Nicole, that’s a pretty extensive trap, huh?” Nicole rolled her eyes at him. “I’ve already instructed my people to acquire Gemini Entertainment so there will be a shareholders’ meeting this afternoon.

Any problems on your side?” Dominic instantly looked serious. “No problems on my side. Falcon Entertainment is at your service.” He would cooperate with her unconditionally.

From the day Dominic became the President of Falcon Entertainment, he knew that the Stantons could not be offended. Nicole laughed. “Well, you’ll have more work to do after the acquisition.”

Dominic immediately understood Nicole’s purpose. She was planning to let him handle Gemini Entertainment as well, How exciting! “Then I’ll just work a little harder.

I’m still young after all…” Nicole’s lips twitched for a moment as she looked at this forty-year-old man. ‘He still dares to call himself young?’ The two of them discussed some issues about the post-acquisition.

When the talk was almost over, Nicole thought about Fabian and asked, “Is he okay?” It was probably tough for him to encounter such a big bump in the road right after his debut “He’s fine. His team is rather anxious. After all, when they went to Gemini Entertainment to plead for mercy, they were kicked out mercilessly.

His manager’s still pretty scared.” Dominic laughed and continued, “But… With your help, this will be solved in no time.” Nicole raised an eyebrow. “That’s good.

Give him more jobs as compensation. After all, he got implicated because of me.” “Don’t worry. Who will dare to offend your sugar baby anyway?” “Get lost!” Nicole glared at Dominic.

He had been with Kai for a long time, so much so that they had the same irritating mouth. After settling this business, Nicole strutted away in her high heels.

If she stayed any longer, she would probably beat someone up! In less than ten minutes, the recording of Ines replaced the news of Nicole being Fabian’s sugar mama as the number one trending topic.

Ines did not even get to go back to Gemini Entertainment to complain about it to her father yet. The internet was in a frenzy investigating who this “Ms. Xavier” was. Soon, someone dug up dirt on Ines Xavier.

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