The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 163

Chapter 163 President Nicole’s Favorite

Ines Xavier had dropped out of high school after bullying her classmates and was sent abroad for a year of “reformation”.

When Ines returned to Mediania, she was infatuated with Eric Ferguson, but her confession was rejected. Later, she went to Korea for full-face plastic surgery, so all of her facial features were no longer natural.

Since Ines found out about Eric’s divorce, she quickly came back to Mediania again.

However, what caught everyone’s attention most was the second half of the recording “Ms. Xavier, are you only treating me like this because of Eric Ferguson?” “I’ve never had the habit of turning back to pick up trash.

You should tell him not to hang around me instead!” “You want to bury Fabian? Well, I’m going to promote him.

I want you to know who’s the real boss around here!” Date The comments section exploded in a flash (OMG! How confident do you have to be to say that? Nicole is #goals!) [President Nicole is simply a winner in life! She has hundreds of billions in family fortune, so why should she care about an ex- husband? Isn’t it nicer to find herself a young hunk?) [Thanks, President Nicole, for liking our little hottie Fabian!] [Ms. Xavier is such an attention whore.

She should just go to hell!] [President Nicole’s temperament is such a killer! She’ll forever be my goddess!) [It doesn’t matter how rich that aged ” sausage” is, I reckon fresh “meat” will always taste better, eh? *wink wink* President Nicole has a good eye to go for the young hunk!] The only aftermath of this recording was that everyone thought Nicole’s favorite type was sexy young men. Date Ferguson Corporation The temperature seemed to drop steeply in Eric’s office.

There was silence all around. Eric’s face was shrouded in a dark gloom, and his body was emitting an overwhelming chill that made Mitchell shiver. Mitchell saw Nicole’s news early in the morning and reported it to Eric at once. However, before they had time to make a move, the tide on the internet changed all of a sudden.

At first, everyone spat at Nicole for being Fabian’s sugar mommy, but now, they actually thanked Nicole for liking a young hunk like him! Mitchell had never felt that a few minutes could be this excruciating. Eric’s invisible aura and low pressure could really kill someone.

The more Eric looked at the online comments, the angrier he became. However, he continued reading each one of them very seriously Some people even edited the clip of Nicole and Fabian and put some romantic background music to it, as if they were “the couple of the century”.

Nicole and Fabian were indeed very compatible with each other. Eric, the rich and powerful aged “sausage”, was actually defeated by Fabian, the newly debuted fresh “meat”… Suddenly, Eric viciously threw the phone on the table and the phone screen shattered.

Mitchell’s body stiffened and instantly panicked. “President…” Eric’s face was red with anger. He gritted his teeth and said in a cold and harsh tone,” How are all those people in the mood to mind other people’s business when they’re struggling to make ends meet? Young hunk?! He looks like a sissy! How are they even compatible?!” Mitchell answered immediately without a thought, “It’s only because Fabian’s fans are so full of themselves.

How could Ms. Stanton fall for such a person? I think Fabian just wants to take advantage of Ms. Stanton’s fame and ride on her popularity.

The entertainment industry is too messy nowadays…” However, what Mitchell thought in his heart was, ‘They’re already divorced, so why does he still care who Ms. Stanton is compatible with? President’s such a pitiful guy…’ Eric grunted coldly.

He suddenly remembered the last part of that recording where Nicole unexpectedly dragged him into this mess. It felt like those words were deliberately meant for him. His expression that eased a little instantly turned cold and sullen again.

‘Never had the habit of turning back to pick up trash? To her, I’m the trash from the past?!’ Eric’s head snapped up.

He stared intently at Mitchell, who was standing in front of him, and asked, “Then what kind of person do you think Nicole likes?” His voice carried an inexplicable chill ‘If I recall that night correctly, Nicole smiled at Mitchell more times than she’d ever smiled at me! She only sneers and laughs at me! On what grounds?!’ The resentment in Eric’s heart was simply too obvious.

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