The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 164

Chapter 164 The Type She Likes

For a moment, Mitchell felt as if an invisible hand was lifting him up from the back of his collar.

That suffocating feeling was simply too alarming! “Hmm?” Eric saw that Mitchell did not speak, so his gaze became even colder and darker.

“Don’t you guys have a good relationship? Tell me, what do you think?” Every word felt like a deadly threat. If Mitchell did not answer Eric, he would not be able to walk out of this office.

Mitchell just felt like his life was in danger when he was at work… He coughed slightly to clear his throat and had no choice but to say something.

“President, I don’t have a good relationship with Ms. Stanton, so how would I know the kind of person she likes?” Looking at Eric’s cold eyes, Mitchell immediately added, “But.. I think that since Ms. Stanton gave up her status to marry you, the type she likes must be someone like you, Mr. Ferguson! That Fabian is nothing! How could Ms. Stanton lower her standards to like that guy?” Eric looked down and did not pursue this further, so Mitchell finally breathed a sigh of relief.

‘Phew! I managed to get away this time!’ Mitchell thought. Eric was silent for a few seconds. “Start preparing for the press conference.

You must follow up on J&L’s press conference. No mistakes!” “Of course. I’ll make sure it goes smoothly. Your new phone will arrive shortly.”

Mitchell spoke seriously, then hurriedly left. Eric snorted coldly, picked up the phone and saw the comments on it, then disdainfully threw it out again. He did not want to look at it again lest he got irritated and distracted.

Date ‘How is a person like Fabian even qualified to be compared to me? Are all those netizens blind?! Nicole and Fabian’s relationship became the most talked-about “cougar relationship” in the nation.

Although both parties did not admit their relationship, the fans just went along with it and somehow pinned them together.

A large wave of people also left comments for Kai. Some sympathized with him while others even gave him advice on how to get Nicole back.

Another wave of people just advised Kai to give up entirely. The project jointly developed by J&L Corporation, Stanton Corporation, and Ferguson Corporation had already attracted a lot of attention.

This time, the three corporations jointly held a high-profile press conference. In an instant, this became the headlines of every mainstream media It became the number one trending topic.

All other gossip took a backseat this time. Countless people began to speculate what the main purpose of this press conference was, but Gerard was simply too good at keeping it under wraps.

Many reporters exhausted all means but still did not get any news. Thus, the venue was filled with three hundred journalists, all waiting eagerly for the press conference to begin.

Besides journalists, they had also invited world-class medical experts as well as the leading experts in the field of artificial intelligence to join this press conference.

This press conference instantly became more solemn. At the scheduled time, Gerard Lichman, Eric Ferguson, and Nicole Stanton appeared together on screen.

The most dazzling one was undoubtedly Nicole, who was standing between the two tall men. Her calmness and composure had such innate regality without arrogance. Her beautiful face and figure also made her impossible to ignore.

Nicole was born to live in the spotlight, to stand at the very top of the pyramid looking down on all life. Gerard Lichman wore a smoky gray custom-made suit that made him look cool and gentle. Eric’s perfectly sculpted features amazed everyone.

His black bespoke suit made him look so unattainable, cold, and aloof. These three bosses already looked better than most people.

If they made their debut, they would probably crush many big names in showbiz. The internet was buzzing with anecdotes about Eric and Nicole’s relationship, but now that this extraordinarily eye-catching duo was in the same frame, no one dared to ask questions about their gossip. That was because this occasion was too formal “Let’s begin…”

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