The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 165

Chapter 165 Personal Question

During the whole process, Gerard Lichman clearly introduced the role and significance of the artificial intelligence chip and even named it “Human*World”. he results of that project were enough to change the course of medical development. Of course, this was not only limited to Mediania.It would impact the whole world and was a major milestone of medicine! Nicole kept a faint smile throughout the press conference and was focused on Gerard ‘s speech.

Her eyes shone brightly as she hid the great excitement and elation she felt. At this moment, she suddenly felt that those three years of marriage were a complete waste of life.

‘I should’ve just made money and focused on my career instead!’ By the end of Gerard’s speech, the sound of applause and awe in the venue were incessant.

Many experts and reporters went up to find more surprises… Gerard was helpless and extended the Date conference for another hour Nicole saw that her part was done at the conference.

At that moment, Logan sent her some relevant documents indicating that everything was in order for the acquisition of Gemini Entertainment. They were only waiting for Nicole to attend the shareholders ‘meeting.

At that moment, Nicole stood up and intended to leave quietly. However, before she managed to slip out of the venue, she was surrounded by a group of reporters in the corridor.

“President Nicole, is there anything you’d like to say?” Nicole smiled helplessly. “Mr. Lichman is explaining the details inside, so you should interview him.”

Seeing that Nicole was not being arrogant, the reporters also felt more relaxed.

“President Nicole, do you mind if we ask a small personal question?” Nicole raised her eyebrows and did not refuse explicitly.

Date “Well, if it’s too personal, I have the right to refuse to answer…” “Regarding the video that recently became a hit on the internet about Fabian saying that his ideal type is someone like you, may I ask what type of guy do you like?” Everyone present felt intrigued by this question The air felt stagnant for a moment as it was dead silent Nicole’s smile gradually widened.

“Of course, like you guys, I admire Fabian too It was not a clear answer, but an answer nonetheless. ‘Like and admire… I just hope that they can tell the difference…’ Nicole thought.

The reporters did not pursue this further and made way for Nicole.

They then saw that Eric Ferguson was actually standing not far away The man’s eyes were cold, and his face was He was the Eric Ferguson that could crush any media company in a day, the man that all journalists feared.

Nicole still looked like she was unaware of Eric’s presence. She just looked into the cameras with a sweet and kind smile, looking so beautiful and generous as she elegantly strutted away in her high heels.

When she got into the car, Logan handed Nicole a document. “The five percent of Gemini Entertainment’s shares are from Mr. Eric Ferguson.” Hearing this, Nicole was stunned.

She raised her head intending to clarify this when she heard someone knocking on the car window It was Eric Ferguson. He stood there with a cold brooding face and knitted eyebrows.

Nicole slowly lowered the car window and asked nonchalantly, “Mr. Ferguson, something wrong?” “I have to go to a shareholders meeting.

My car broke down, so can you give me a ride along the way?” Eric looked at his watch and pointed to the Range Rover not far away. Mitchell squatted next to the car.

He hesitated with heartache as he held the nail in his hand… ‘What did the car do wrong?’ Nicole raised an eyebrow and laughed insouciantly “You’re out of the way, so no.”

After that, Nicole was about to raise the car window, but a large hand blocked her from doing so.

“You didn’t even ask me where I’m going. How do you know it’s not on the way?” His voice was deep and obviously very charming, but at this time, it carried a hint of suppressed anger.

Nicole was getting impatient. ‘Can’t he tell that I’m rejecting him? Is there something wrong with his perceptivity?’ She gently raised her eyelids.

Her seductive lips spat out the coldest words. “I don’t need to ask. I just don’t wanna go wherever you’re going.”

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