The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 166

Chapter 166 Transfer Money to Mr. Ferguson

The atmosphere around the car was stagnant for a moment.

Eric’s face was taut and extremely unsightly. He stared intently at Nicole while he tightly pursed his thin lips.

There were no outsiders present, so Nicole was not even willing to pretend to be superficially peaceful with Eric. To Nicole, Eric Ferguson was never eligible for forgiveness She treated others like Ian Carter, Kai, Maverick, Fabian, and even Mitchell ten thousand times better than him.

Nicole sat there lazily as she waited for Eric to leave on his own accord.

Not just anyone had the right to sit in her car. Eric Ferguson was even more unworthy! A full minute had passed, and Eric was still standing there unmoved.

Nicole frowned at him. ‘Does he not understand English?!’ Just when Nicole was about to chase him away, Eric’s thin lips parted. His voice was clear and cold.

“Nicole, are you sure that you don’t want to go to the place I’m going to?” ‘Of course…’ Nicole thought. Before she could say anything, Logan coughed at the side, signaling that he had something to say.

Without waiting for Nicole to react, Eric laughed lightly. “Although you bought that five percent of Gemini Entertainment’s shares from me, I haven’t signed it yet.

We can forget about it if you don’t want to go…” Nicole was taken aback by his words. ‘What the hell?!’ Logan helplessly closed his eyes, cleared his throat, and explained, “President Nicole, I was just about to tell you about this.

Mr. Ferguson sold five percent of the shares to us, but there’s still one final step of signing.” Date Nicole took a deep breath, looked sideways at Logan, and gave him a fierce glare.

‘Why didn’t you say so earlier?!’ Logan lowered his head apprehensively and felt aggrieved as he avoided her gaze. ‘You didn’t give me the opportunity to speak…’ Eric gently hooked his lips.

This smile was enough to compel hearts. He clenched his hand that was resting on the car window and tapped on the glass twice like he was waiting for Nicole to retort.

One second Two seconds… Eric turned around decisively and walked away The person in the car behind him finally could not help it. “Wait!” Eric stopped in his tracks. Nicole closed her eyes, clenched her fists, and looked at Logan.

“Why are you still not opening the door for Mr. Ferguson?” Hearing that, Logan immediately jumped out of the car and opened the car door on the left side of the back seat.

He was respectful and courteous. “Mr. Ferguson, if you please…” Eric’s back was facing them at this time. The corners of his lips had a faint curve, but it soon disappeared. Without much hesitation, Eric turned back around and sat in the car.

Once he got into the car, he could smell the light fragrance. Nicole was wearing her favorite custom Shalini perfume. This unique fragrance filled his nasal cavity and bore into his heart.

Eric, who used to hate women’s perfume, suddenly felt inexplicably tolerant and moved at this moment. He felt that only Nicole’s perfume matched her temperament.

Nicole was looking at the document in her hand. The share transfer document was indeed missing Eric Ferguson’s signature.

The corners of her lips twitched before she calmly looked at Eric. “Mr. Ferguson, why did you give up your shares in Gemini Entertainment?” ‘Coincidentally at this time as well? I’m sure Eric doesn’t need money to the point of selling his shares! The man returned to his senses and swept a glance at her.

Her delicate features were filled with wariness and distrust of him.

He frowned slightly. ‘She’ll probably never believe that I’ll be nice to her, right?’ After some thought, he took over the share transfer document in her hand and signed it, then handed it back indifferently. “Now do you believe it’s true?” Nicole looked at the signature on it and faintly froze for a moment.

She suddenly remembered Eric’s signature when they got divorced. It was also so decisive and crisp without the slightest hint of hesitation When she returned to her senses, her gaze turned cold.

She put away the share transfer document and resumed her cold and aloof attitude. She instructed Logan.

“Remember to transfer money to Mr. Ferguson as soon as possible.” They would not owe each other then.

Logan naturally answered at once and dared not delay it. Nicole hooked her lips into a smile and lowered her eyes, covering all the inappropriate emotions.

She promptly changed the topic. “Mr. Ferguson, you should know what I’m about to do, right? I thought that you’d be a little more lenient to Ines Xavier because she’s infatuated with you, but come to think of it, you’ve always been so cruel to the women who like you…”

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