The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 167

Chapter 167 Not Necessarily Yours

Nicole was just making a casual remark, but it set off a huge ripple in Eric’s heart, ‘I’ve always been so cruel to the women who like me? I was cruel to Nicole, Wendy, and now Ines Xavier…’ Eric furrowed his brows, and a huge wave of emotion was hidden in his eyes.

His lips were pressed into a straight line, Eric pondered for a moment and lowered his voice. “Nicole, you’re not like them.” At least, Nicole used to be his wife, Other women were nothing to him.

Thus, he had nothing to worry about. Nicole lowered her head and laughed, then looked at him with a cold and detached gaze.

“Yes, I’m not like them. At least I was once someone who managed to marry you because of my special blood type…” She laughed self-deprecatingly, glanced at him, then coldly looked away Eric frowned slightly He clearly did not mean it like that.

“We’re here, President Nicole,” Logan said. Finally, Logan could breathe a sigh of relief. Logan felt that this journey was the most difficult car ride he had ever experienced! Nicole got out of the car, not wanting to spend another second in the same space with Eric.

Eric also followed her out. These two had just left J&L Corporation’s press conference. In the blink of an eye, they got out of the same car and appeared together at the entrance of Gemini Entertainment, which was more than enough to attract everyone’s attention.

The sudden shareholders’ meeting was already puzzling. Now, it was even more bewildering that these two big shots were here, especially for the shareholders and top executives of Gemini Entertainment.

They could not afford to offend Nicole Stanton or Eric Ferguson “Mr. Ferguson, Ms. Stanton…” Everyone exchanged a few pleasantries and respectfully went up to greet them. Eric’s face was dull as he nodded. He was not in the mood to respond.

The Chairman of Gemini Entertainment, Gabriel Xavier, respectfully went forward to press the elevator for them, then bowed to ask Eric and Nicole to go in first. None of them were qualified to ride with these two big shots.

Eric paused for a moment and took the lead to go into the elevator. Nicole just stood there and smiled faintly.” You guys go ahead.

I’m going to make a phone call.” After that, she turned around and went in the other direction.

Eric subconsciously knitted his brows and clenched his fists.

Although it was not explicitly said, he felt that Nicole simply did not want to stay in the same enclosed space with him. Everyone could not figure out what was going on, so they could only do as they were told.

Logan explained a few words for Nicole, so everyone went to the conference room on the top floor one after another. The lounge area was empty.

Nicole took Kai’s call there, but it was irrelevant, so she hung up. When she turned around, she saw the aggressive Ines Xavier. Ines was rushing towards her in big strides. She questioned loudly.

“Nicole! Why are you here?” When the recording of Ines provoking Nicole was posted online, it immediately met with a huge backlash. Countless netizens started to dig up dirt about Ines’ background.

Ines had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to no avail, and she still could not suppress the matter. Now, everyone saw Ines as a stinker, so Ines did not even dare to speak out.

Gemini Entertainment also suffered a big blow because of Ines, so her father, Gabriel Xavier, was furious and scolded her for an hour.

This all happened because of the trap Nicole set up for Ines. Thus, Ines was extremely resentful. On the other hand, Nicole attended the press conference with Eric Ferguson and Gerard Lichman as if nothing had happened.

She was so elegant and composed Even as she sat next to the two giants in the industry, Nicole still had a striking presence.

People’s praise and attention toward Nicole even exceeded Eric Ferguson’s. When Ines was at the beauty salon, all she could hear was people complimenting Nicole.

“The most beautiful CEO in history?’ Ines was so infuriated that she left halfway through her spa. ‘What gives Nicole the right to be in the spotlight? It’s all just luck! These people are really blind! She could not get over it, so she came to Gemini Entertainment to ask her father for help.

She wanted to defame Nicole to the point of social death. However, Ines never imagined that as soon as she entered the front door of her father’s company, she would see Nicole sitting leisurely in the lounge area chatting on the phone.

The anger and jealousy in Ines’ chest surged uncontrollably. When Nicole saw Ines, she let out a light laugh. “What a coincidence, Ms. Xavier.” “I asked you, why the hell are you here?!” Ines was anxious and infuriated.

‘This is my turf! I won’t allow a nasty person like Nicole to come in here!’ Nicole’s gaze was slightly cold, but the smile on her face did not fade.

“As one of the shareholders of Gemini Entertainment, is it necessary for me to report to you when I’m here to attend the shareholders’ meeting? As far as I know, I don’t think you have any shares in Gemini Entertainment…” Therefore, the one who was not qualified was in fact, Ines Xavier

. Ines’ face sank and her fists clenched tightly “This is my family business, so I can come if I want to. You, on the other hand, are not welcome here.

That little share of yours is nothing! I will ask my father to buy it back immediately, so leave right now!” Ines’ voice was sharp and piercing.

Nicole raised her eyes insouciantly and tucked a strand of hair behind her ears. She spoke coldly, “Your family business? Not necessarily…” She gently glanced at Ines with obvious derision in her eyes.

Soon, Gemini Entertainment would no longer be the Xaviers’. It would belong to Nicole.

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