The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 168

Chapter 168 Are You So Cheap?

Nicole was looking forward to that moment as she wanted to see what Ines Xavier’s reaction would be.

“Nicole, don’t think that I’m afraid of you! You’re also relying on your family just like me, so what are you so proud of?” ‘We’re the same kind of people, so why should Nicole act like she’s superior to me?! Ines was getting more agitated and wanted to expose Nicole’s humiliation right in front of her face.

She folded her arms and lifted her chin to mock Nicole.

“Weren’t you kicked out even after marrying into the Ferguson family? Now, you just want to take advantage of your family’s power to get close to Eric just to get his attention, right? Is that what you want? Nicole, are you so cheap?” Ines thought that she must have removed Nicole’s disguise and wanted to see how Nicole could still pretend to be high and mighty.

She waited for Nicole to become annoyed and angry. However, when Nicole heard this, she did not have the slightest bit of anger on her face, On the contrary, she just smirked and looked at Ines.

Nicole’s voice was cold as she said, “Ms. Xavier; this is common knowledge that you should know by now. The Fergusons didn’t kick me out.

I’m the one who didn’t want Eric Ferguson anymore. Also… I’m not that cheap to change my face just to please a man, so I really can’t compare to you in this sense.’

She hooked the corners of her lips and turned on her heels without even looking at Ines again.

Ines took a while to react and finally realized that Nicole was humiliating her. She stomped her feet and shook in anger. Her V-shaped jawline looked even sharper.

‘How dare she insult me?! What gave her the courage to do so on my turf!’

Ines was so angry that she became delirious. ‘I won’t let that b*tch Nicole get away with this! She glared at Nicole’s departing back and chased after her without hesitation.

‘I must teach her a lesson!’ Nicole stood in the elevator lobby and waited there. Soon, the elevator arrived. Ding– At the same time, Ines had already caught up to Nicole.

She yanked Nicole’s arm and raised her hand high as she gritted teeth and yelled, “Nicole! Go to hell!” Before her hand landed on Nicole, the person inside the elevator suddenly lifted his leg and kicked Ines’ body.

“Ahh!” Ines screamed miserably as she fell to the ground and rolled around in pain. When she came to her senses, she looked up in anger, but her face was incredibly pale, Gabriel glared at Ines indignantly and gritted his teeth “How dare you mess with just anyone?! Why didn’t you just die on the operating table back in Korea?!”

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