The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 169

Chapter 169 I Hit You on Purpose

Ines could not care less about anything. She went forward to tug on Gabriel Xavier’s arm. “Dad, why are you so afraid of her? That b*tch is a nobody!” Gabriel shook her off and thought about Nicole’s words, then yanked Ines back up again.

His action was harsh. “Get this straight. Nicole is the successor of Stanton Corporation. She can make this company disappear with a snap of her finger, so you’d better behave yourself.

If you dare to cause trouble again, I will throw you to Korea and won’t give you a penny! You can find a way to survive on your own!” Ines trembled in fear and looked terrified.

‘Nicole…’ She felt a coldness in her heart that was eerily chilling Inside the elevator. Nicole and Eric did not say a word until they reached the door of the conference room.

Logan was standing there waiting for Nicole. Seeing the two of them approaching, Logan went forward and held the door open for them. Eric’s aura was always very strong, which made others fear and admire him.

No matter where he was, he could instantly become the focus of the crowd and his presence could not be ignored.

However, Nicole walked in the front when they entered the conference room. Her aura was comparable to Eric’s but was even more superior and striking because of her

beautiful looks and aloof temperament. As soon as they entered, Gabriel and Ines hurriedly followed suit. The meeting began, but Nicole did not say much the entire time. Logan was the one announcing the agenda in an orderly fashion, Ines felt like her head was numb as she sat there in a daze.

Her palms were cold and sweaty. Looking at Nicole, who was sitting in the main seat with such an outstanding, cool, and noble temperament, Ines suddenly felt a sense of distance in her heart, The gap between Ines and Nicole’s status seemed very large, so much so that Ines could never touch her. Ines suddenly panicked.

‘Is this what happens when Nicole gets offended? She’s showing me what it means to be in power? Eric Ferguson, who was sitting on the side, looked firmly at Nicole as if she was the reason that he attended this meeting.

Ines heard loud and clear what this meeting was about. Nicole was now in command of Gemini Entertainment as the largest shareholder.

She removed Gabriel Xavier as the Chairman of the board and replaced him with Dominic Young of Falcon Entertainment.

Gemini Entertainment was now a small company under Stanton Corporation, one of many.

Nicole watched with a smile as Ines’ expression changed gradually throughout the meeting and thought, ‘How amusing! She didn’t disappoint me at all with her reaction… Perhaps after this incident, Gabriel Xavier won’t let this troublemaker stay by his side anymore.

After all, he has an illegitimate son… Ines can finally disappear from my sight completely!’ The meeting finally ended. Nicole did not want to exchange pleasantries with the others, so she gave Logan a look and left the room. Logan stayed behind to deal with the rest of the people.

Nicole got into the car and planned to drive by herself. She drove to the intersection, but the car in front of her was slow to move. Nicole looked at the Range Rover in front and frowned slightly.

She was getting impatient. As soon as the car started to move, Nicole followed suit and stepped on the gas pedal.


The impact of the collision made her dumbstruck. ‘Why did that car stop so unexpectedly?! i shouldn’t have tailgated that dumb car…’ Nicole was only happy for a few minutes before encountering this minor accident.

She did not know whether to laugh or cry a their misfortune. When she was about to get out of her car, she saw that the car door in front of her was pushed open.

The person who walked out of that car was very familiar.

Eric Ferguson. Nicole took a deep breath and took a closer look at the license plate number. It was the same car model but with a different license plate.

‘Oh… It seems like he bought several cars of the same model… Mr. Ferguson sure has a fondness for Range Rovers, huh? I hate this car model now!’ Eric walked over with a sullen face and knocked on her car window.

His stern and Eric walked over with a sullen face and knocked on her car window. His stérn and deep eyes peered at her through the window.

His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate the glass. Nicole took a deep breath. Since she rear-ended his car, she was the guilty party and should take full responsibility.

‘What kind of sh*tty luck do I have?!! Nicole thought. “Nicole, you did it on purpose, right?”

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