The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 170

Chapter 170 Private Settlement?

Nicole thought, ‘I deliberately hit his car?! I can’t even believe what just happened! Where did he get the confidence? It’s obvious that he deliberately stepped on the emergency brakes out of the blue! But do.

I think I saw a little kid walking away slowly from the front of the Range Rover earlier… So… Oh well, since it already happened, I can’t possibly hide now, can I?’ She lowered the car window, pursed her lips, and hooked the corners of her lips.“

Yes, I hit you on purpose.” Her smile was icy cold and provoking.

‘So what if it’s intentional? It’s not like I can’t afford to pay for it!’ Eric narrowed his eyes and frowned slightly.

“So, what are you planning to do?” His voice was hoarse and indifferent. ‘She did it on purpose? That’s surprising.. Nicole looked up with cold and indifferent eyes.

“How much is it? I’ll compensate you.”

In fact, if they were to further investigate this, Nicole did not have to take responsibility, However, since she had already admitted that she knocked into him on purpose, she could not take back her words.

Eric looked away and took out his phone. “I’ll let you know after it’s fixed. Did you change your number?” “No…” Nicole subconsciously spoke and fell silent.

Eric dialed her number right in front of her. “Sorry, the number you have dialed is temporarily unavailable…” Eric looked at her with a deep frown. His face turned gloomy and glared at her intently.

Nicole pursed her lips. Her eyes flickered, The person who she blocked was standing right in front of her.

This made her feel a little complicated and awkward, “Just state a price. I’ll transfer the money now.” She picked up her phone and did not want to delay another minute.

Eric’s voice was dull as he said, “We’ll have to wait until after the repair to know the price. Leave a phone number. I’ll contact you then.”

He admitted that he did this out of a moment of impulse. His goal was not the repair fees, but to get her to unblock his number! Nicole paused and looked at Eric. She spoke without hesitation.

“Just contact my assistant.” Eric kept quiet and put away his phone.” Forget it then. Just pretend this never happened…” It was obvious that he did not intend to contact another person.

Nicole was sulking and cursing him in her heart, but she remained calm and composed on the surface, ‘Eric Ferguson is tryna make me look like an irresponsible perpetrator?! Or did he think that I wanted to take advantage of him?’ Nicole did not want to get into too much trouble.

‘It’s just a bloody repair fee anyway, and I can always block him again when we’re done with this nonsense…’ Nicole took a deep breath and turned her cold gaze away.

“Fine. My number’s still the same,” Nicole said as she started the car engine and intended to leave. She did not want to stay with him for another minute! However, Eric had no intention to leave.

He stared at her for two seconds silently. Suddenly, he bent down to look at the woman in the driver’s seat, then grabbed her steering wheel with his strong hand, His long and slender fingers were like a work of art.

Eric’s move was too sudden and stunned Nicole.

Before she could react, Eric’s sexy and magnetic voice rang in her ears, Nicole, you won’t drive away and forget, right?” He reminded her because he felt unconvinced that she would unblock him so easily There was no guarantee that Nicole would not just push this to her assistant to handle this. Nicole held her breath for a moment and glared at him with an unconcealed annoyance.

“I won’t.” That’s one way to put it… He thinks I’ll renege on my debt?!’ Nicole immediately took out her phone, found his name on her contact list, unblocked him, then called him. His phone rang instantly. The caller ID that showed was “Missus”,

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