The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 172

Chapter 172 Marry Another Person

If Nicole was willing to get into a marriage of convenience, she would not have concealed her identity in the first place. What she wanted was never just a marriage.

Old Master Ferguson snorted coldly, “Do you want to watch her get together with someone else? How big a loss would that be to our family?” There was no other person better suited for Nicole than Eric.

No matter who Nicole chose to be with in the future, the Ferguson family would become a laughing stock. To the Fergusons, it was more harm than good.

Although Old Master Ferguson did not like Nicole as a person, he was willing to disregard his past prejudices and accept this woman because of her powerful family that was a force to reckon with.

When Eric heard this, his expression stiffened and became complicated. ‘Watch her get together with someone else?’ Eric had never thought about that.

Although there were many men around Nicole, he never felt that Nicole would marry any of them. ‘What if Nicole married someone else…’ Once he thought of this, Eric’s eyebrows knitted together.

His face instantly became tense. The resistance and gloom in his heart were very apparent. ‘No way!’ Old Master Ferguson stared at Eric with an austere expression.

“If Nicole is unwilling to remarry you, then we can only replace her with someone else. You can marry another daughter from an affluent family who can rival Nicole.

Only then can we counter the threat posed by the Stanton family.” Eric’s eyebrows furrowed tighter. His complexion turned glum and extremely upset.

He subconsciously loathed this terrible proposal. Eric looked at his grandfather with deep coldness and resistance in his eyes. “No, I don’t need a marriage of convenience.

You don’t need to meddle in my matters with the Stantons. I’ll see to it.” His relationship with Nicole was at a deadlock, and he would not even consider other women.

After he said that, Eric turned to leave without waiting for his grandfather to react. Ingrid had been waiting downstairs for the good show, but besides the sound of glass breaking when Eric first went in, there were surprisingly no other movements.

She did not dare to go upstairs and eavesdrop either. As soon as Eric came down, Ingrid hurriedly greeted him. “Brother, Nicole’s such a jinx.

She’s the reason you got scolded, right? You shouldn’t be too nice to her. Otherwise, she’ll get so arrogant and think that our family is easy to bully Eric narrowed his eyes dangerously and had an inexplicable chill.

“Ingrid Ferguson, I’ve warned you so many times not to provoke her. It seems that you still can’t get that into your head, huh?” Ingrid was startled and frightened by Er s gaze.

Suddenly, she did not know what to do.” I… I didn’t…” ), “I asked you to apologize. Did you?” At the mention of this, Ingrid was too scared to make a sound.

Eric coldly swept a glance at Ingrid and said in a grim tone, “If I find out that you dare to provoke Nicole again, you can get the hell out of the Ferguson family!” He did not show her any mercy.

After that, he walked out of the Ferguson Villa. Ingrid stood frozen in place and unconsciously broke out in cold sweat.

Eric got into the car and recalled his grandfather’s words. He could not imagine Nicole being with someone else. He felt like a boulder was pressing on his heart, which made him gasp for air.

It felt incredibly heavy and suffocating. Somehow, he found Nicole’s number and could not help but call her.

He stared at the word “Missus” that was displayed on his phone screen and was in a slight trance. Eric was waiting for the call to be connected. Fortunately, he was not blocked again.

He actually felt relieved because of this minor detail, and the dull pain earlier dissipated. In a few seconds, Nicole picked up. She seemed to be asleep because her voice was hoarse.

“Hello, who is it?” There was no tension between them like when they met during the day, which was very rare. ) “It’s me,” Eric replied.

Nicole seemed to be awake as soon as she heard that. Her voice suddenly turned cold. “Is the repair cost calculated? How much should I pay you now?” She seemed so eager to cut off all ties with him. Eric’s eyes darkened slightly.

His voice was cold as he said, “Wrong number, sorry.” Nicole took a deep breath and cursed through clenched teeth. “Are you nuts?!” ” She then hung up the phone in anger.

‘He sounds so righteous when he called the wrong number? Did he do this on purpose? How annoying!’ After being hung up on, Eric laughed lightly and was not mad.

The President of Ferguson Corporation, a revered man in the business circle, was actually happy that a woman hung up on him? No one would believe it if word got out.

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