The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 173

Chapter 173 Mr. Ferguson Paying for a Trending Topic

Early in the morning, daylight spilled in through the curtains and cast a soft glow on the floor.

Nicole ate a simple breakfast and went to the office. J&L Corporation’s project was already on track, so there was no need for daily progress checks.

Nicole had to start preparing for another real estate development project. When she arrived at the office, she browsed the internet for the latest trending topics.

The netizens were split into two camps. One camp was shipping Nicole and Kai, while the other camp supported Nicole and Fabian. It was surprising that people were so eager to participate in this poll.

While a small number of people forcefully added Nicole and Eric to the poll, this pairing was lagging way behind the other two pairings.

‘Haha! The netizens are perceptive enough to know that my name and Eric Ferguson’s name are incompatible and absolutely should not be put together!’ Logan watched from the side and carefully proposed.

“President, should we take down these trending topics?” Nicole chuckled. “Nah, it’s just a harmless game. It’s not like I’ll have to be with whoever the masses like most…” ‘How can I be a couple with Kai anyway? If we disclose our real relationship, I’m afraid it’ll cause a stir!’ Logan nodded and left after reporting his work.

Ferguson Corporation.

Mitchell glanced at Eric out of the corner of his eye. He had never seen any president pay attention to online gossip amidst their busy schedules.

Recently, Eric was extremely keen to read all of the comments online. From time to time, he would even reply to them… ‘Does he not know that he doesn’t have a good image online…?’ Mitchell thought to himself and dared not say it out loud.

Eric sneered at the two other pairings with Nicole and was incredibly vexed. ‘How are Kai and Fabian even worthy to be compared to me?! Their popularity is even higher than mine? The netizens’ tastes this time round are horrible!’ Eric fiercely threw the tablet he was holding on the desk.

His body was emitting a terrifying chill. Mitchell caught a glimpse of that webpage and instantly understood. ‘It’s related to Nicole again… No wonder…’ ) “President, should I get them to remove this trending topic? It’s such a shame…” Mitchell suggested. Eric stared at him coldly for a few seconds.

“The face of Ferguson Corporation can’t lag behind those two people. Understand?” His voice was extremely cold, and his eyes were dark. Mitchell froze for a few seconds. His brain seemed to be stuck for a moment before he finally answered, “Yes, I understand.

I’ll immediately hire people to push up the popularity of your pairing with Ms. Stanton!” 3 After working for Eric for so long, it was not difficult for Mitchell to understand what Eric wanted.

Eric opened a document in silence, signed his name smoothly, then handed it to Scanned with CamScanner Mitchell “Go and get to work.” “Yes, sir.” ‘He agreed?! What in the world? Is he paying too much attention to Ms. Stanton …?’ Mitchell thought. In less than an hour, the poll online turned into a three-way battle.

It was really surprising. Nicole and Eric’s pairing surprisingly skyrocketed in popularity and soon surpassed Kai and Fabian. In Nicole’s group chat.

Yvette could not wait to share the tidbits of information she got. (Yvette Quimbey: I heard from an influencer that Nicole and Eric’s pairing is actually bought out by Ferguson Corporation! Hahaha! Is Eric Ferguson sick in the head?)  (Julie Nixon: Wow… I’ve really seen everything now… ) [Ian Carter: OMG!!! Why is my name not on there?! Don’t I deserve a slot?!] (Nicole Stanton: He’s defos on crack.) ‘Eric Ferguson must be crazy!’ Nicole thought.

She originally did not want to participate in this little fun, but once Eric intervened, she could not let it go on. ( Nicole called Logan and instructed,” Remove that trending topic. I don’t care how much Eric Ferguson paid.

We’ll pay double.” Logan did as instructed and did not dare to delay for another second.

Just as it came out of the blue, this online buzz inexplicably disappeared. Some people wanted to talk about it, but they could no longer find any traces of the Eric heard this and did not have any reaction.

He just said expressionlessly, “Alright.”

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